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The Private View at Portico Gallery, London, on Oct 4th, 2013

The Private View is an art exhibition/installation, in part, by DOOMTUBE, a contributor to the Hermetic Library video pool, at the Portico Gallery, London, on October 4th, 2013 as part of Lambeth Open.

“On the 5th and 6th of October 2013 the unveiling of a site specific artistic research project, carried out by the organiser of this website and The Centre for Ritual Occult Studies, will take place at Portico Gallery in West Norwood. This will be part of the larger Art event known as The Lambeth Open. Now if you would like to learn more about the whole event that is the Lambeth Open I advise you to visit the web site for the event.

The two films above may aid you in your attempts at understanding what any of this is all about (simply put it is a living fiction, a performance, a strange organic story).

It seems as though recently great reams about all kinds of things, so, whilst in a writing frame of mind I thought I’d jot down a few notes, dripping thoughts… virus.

So how about some kind of potted history, a time line of events leading to right now.

It began as an advert. Did it? No, it began quite a long time before that, but you can look at the CROS page of this site to get some idea about that, although it’s all really a bit of a muddle as chronological time is not one of my strongest points. In fact organising most of any of this into something that can quickly be written up onto this website that would explain anything totally, I think, would be impossible for me to complete at present. I will try my best to make sense of it here now:

At around the time the advert was put into the window, the CROS had something of a breakthrough in their Video Thought Transmission (VTT) technique and began creating new output at some rate of knots. It was apparent that the ‘installation’ at Portico Gallery would evolve but I was unsure quite how. However the CROS were constantly supplying me with fresh footage and after discussions it was decided that screening these new works in the window was the logical progression. The VTT began to feed off the viewers of the works in the window creating a kind of mental video feedback loop, the thought transmissions seemed to be becoming self aware. Vast voids filled with the jibber of ‘the others’ began to break through…

It’s as if Lord Dunsany himself had taken control of the imaginings of the creators.” [via]