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Century 2009

Hermetic Library Fellow T Polyphilus reviews League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 2009 [Amazon, Abebooks, Publisher, Local Library] by Alan Moore, Kevin O’Neill, & al.

Moore ONeill The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Century 2009

This bleak final (?) entry in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen saga is redeemed somewhat by Alan Moore’s wholesale assault against today’s most “successful” living English author. Also: Oliver Haddo does a full involuntary Templar Baphomet just in time for the eschaton. Kevin O’Neill continues to provide effective illustration, replete with peculiar cameos and side-jokes that I feel I must be missing 60% of. The indicia and and credits pages are hilarious parody material. 

I’m leaving the final installment of the “Minions of the Moon” prose serial appendix for a sit-down reading of the entire Century arc.