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since he had read the Word, the Word was now lodged inside him, even if he had not met the Author; that he had become the Book, the Word made flesh, through that little bit of the divine that the craft of reading allows to all those who seek to learn the secrets held by a page.

Alberto Manguel, The Library at Night [Amazon, Bookshop, Publisher, Local Library]

Hermetic quote Manuel The Library at Night read word lodged inside become book word made flesh divine craft reading seek learn secrets held by page

All these things served to attract to the masonic lodges not merely those who were desirous of freedom of speech, but also those who desired to learn forbidden secrets; and, moreover, adventurers of all kinds sought to gain admittance and sometimes succeeded.

Franz Hartmann, In The Pronaos of The Temple of Wisdom

Hermetic quote Hartmann In the Pronaos of the Temple of Wisdom all served to attract masonic lodges those desirous freedom speech learn forbidden secrets moreover adventurers

To become wise, they would have to learn the true meaning of their own doctrines, symbols, and books, of which they at present merely know the outward form and the dead letter. They would have to form a much higher and nobler conception of God than to invest Him with the attributes of semi-animal man.

Franz Hartmann, With The Adepts [Amazon, Bookshop, Publisher, Hermetic Library]

Hermetic quote Hartmann With the Adepts become wise learn true meaning

How much of this do you want to know. Do you want to be fixed so that you can walk off into the sunshine, or do you want to know it all so that you can take an active part in your own path and learn to be of service?

Josephine McCarthy, The Last Scabbard

Hermetic quote McCarthy Scabbard service

And yet these lessons will prove fruitless. Human libraries, the monster will learn, contain for him only alien literature.

Alberto Manguel, The Library at Night

Hermetic quote Manguel Library alien

“It’s being made to learn things not on purpose. It’s unfair,” he said. “It’s sly.”

Edward Eager, Half Magic

“We do not whine about pain and loss! It is a gift. Burn your hand and understand fire, child! You don’t learn about the frost by asking for its name. You give it a finger…a toe. Hmm?”

J. Kelley Anderson, Casting Shadows