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Lemuria the Incomparable

Lemuria The Incomparable, a 1943 pamphlet from the Lemurian Fellowship and Lemurian Press, is part of the collection at the Reading Room.

Lemuria the Incomparable

“A New Race is emerging in America. A New Civilization is being born. A new kind of human being is being created for a new kind of world. What will this New Race Citizen be like? What type of world will arise from the New Age idealism of this New Race Citizen? Is it possible to build an exemplary culture which will adequately reflect the noblest aspirations of a perfected humanity? These are only a few of many important question to be answered by this brochure. Your careful reading of this message will enable you to determine whether it lies within your moral ability to qualify as an aspirant for New Race Citizenship in a perfected order of civilization.”

“This booklet will attempt to show as clearly as possible that the First Great Civilization, as founded on a Continent now buried beneath the Pacific Ocean, was a Theocracy of the very highest order, having been inspired by a culture of super-human derivation. It will also show that the Second Great Civilization, as founded on a Continent now buried beneath the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, was a combination Theocracy-Democracy, partially under the control of the Divine Beings and partially under the control of ordinary humanity. It will indicate conclusively that the Third Great Civilization, founded on the American Continent by our early Forefathers, was first a Democracy exclusively under the leadership of the rank and file. It will observe that today, the nation trends toward Theocracy under the leadership of the Lords of Venus and Mercury. It will prophesy that tomorrow, it will move toward Theo-Democracy, the pendulum swinging from constructive regimentation on the one hand to freedom of personal initiative on the other. This booklet is of the greatest importance for it will teach you the necessity for learning the principles of Theo-Democratic Citizenship in a New World Order”

“Your receipt of this booklet discharges our obligation to the Lemurian Theo-Christic Mystery School under whose authorization and sanction the Lemurian Fellowship was created. If, after reading our message, you fail to grasp the incomparable opportunity herein presented, you may never be approached again on the same basis. The Lemurian Programme for building a New Citizenry for a New World is under the direction of Perfected Beings who have appraised all the possibilities of human experience. If your imagination is vivid, your heart daring, and your curiosity insatiable, these Perfected Beings will reveal to you, in Their own way, your place in the Kingdom of the New Race. For the answer to the problem of your origin, your history and your destiny and its application to conditions as you find them today, read on.” — Preamble