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The Knight Templar’s Dream


Andrew King performing The Knight Templar’s Dream (trad., Roud 16886, from Len Graham)



As Morpheus my senses in slumber did drown,
I dreamt I was climbing Horeb, a holy mound,
Where Moses was chosen Grand Master in love,
By the Great Architect, for the great lodge above.

With trembling, fear, and wonder, I stood all in amaze,
To see a bush a burning all by a mighty blaze.
My bones they did shudder, quite feeble was my frame.
When a dreadful fiery serpent right forward to me came.

I looked on death approaching, with terror, dread, and grief,
And called then on goodness to grant me some relief,
Unto my great astonishment, a voice unto me said,
Come take up the serpent and do not be afraid,

I looked all around me, and put my trust in God,
I then engaged the serpent, and it soon became a rod,
A rod in bud and blossom with variegated hue.
That Moses smote the waters with, and led his brethren through.

I then became a pilgrim, to travel night and day,
I took the rod of God with me to guide me on the way,
Over rugged mountains hound for the temple bright,
Till I came into Jemsalem that city of delight.

I saw the knights of Malta enshining arms bright,
Surround the sons of darkness that cast away the light,
The flushed feathered pheasant that gave the signal call,
When Peter he denied the Redeemer of us all.

There were many war-like hereoes that struck me with surprise,
Until a greater wonder approached my ravished eyes,
A grand illumination before me there appeared
With an ancient warrior that wore a dreadful beard.

His robs were long and beautiful and rich with honour glowed,
A regal helmet on his head of gold all his honour showed,
Twelve dazzling stars of lustre all on his royal breast,
With the sword of justice in his hand with sparkling gems & crest.

He enlisted me as a soldier to fight for Christian Liberty,
Against the Turks and heathens, and all idolatry,
To all our faithful battles Jehovah lent a hand,
To Gideon brave and Joshua that caused the sun to stand.

Through Sharon’s lovely valley, and great Mount Gerizlim high
Mount Caivary lay mourning as I was passing by,
I crossed the river Jordan, and Jericho likewise,
To lovely mount Zion where sweet odours scent the skies.

I travelled through Mount Arrarat and fair Armenia’s land,
From that to Enoch’s temple where I saw two pillars grand,
The one was malble in the east the other brazon pure,
With a carved stone of Jasper that closed up the door.

I tinkled at the Jasper door, admittance there I sought,
Through many coloured arches till I found the secret vault,
With torches burning round me in one continued blaze,
Where I saw the mystery and on it carefully gazed.

I fell upon my knees and offered up a prayer,
To all goodness and mercy with fervency and oare,
Unto my great astonishment two fiery dragons came,
And in the height of my astonishment I woke out of my dream. [via]