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Hermetic Library Journal letter submissions to the Kottabos for Summer Solstice 2013

There’s only two months until the March 21st, 2013 deadline to participate in the inaugural issue of the Hermetic Library Journal from the Benefit Anthology Project! Release is planned for June 21st, 2013. Consider letting others whom you think may be interested know about this as well, but consider submitting your written and visual work. If you have any questions, comments or wish to contribute to this project; contact the librarian.

The kottabos was a game of skill at ancient symposia which involved dexterously slinging wine at targets. This was, apparently, a popular activity. Part of the skill was in remaining reclined on a couch while knocking the target off balance so that it made a loud bell-like noise when the target disc fell against a larger disc on the stand.

I want to provide a forum for various kinds of feedback whether that’s tossing wine lees across the room, letters to the editor, kudos, criticisms, or comments on content or about any topic. Do you have a story about what the Hermetic Library has meant to you personally, perhaps as a student or researcher? Do you have some particular document on the site that you have a particularly strong response to, one way or the other? And, in future, do you perhaps have a response to something published, written or visual, in a previous issue?

In part inspired by parliamentary rules but also by my recollection of my surprise at how fascinating and erudite Letters to the Editor were in Economist magazine, the Kottabos will be a section where readers address me directly as editor, and not specific people or authors. Generally, these submissions should be 200 words or less, but if you’re particularly interesting or entertaining, greater lengths in the range of 500 words may be risked. Letters to the Editor may be considered for publication and edited without notice.

The Journal, in general, and this section, specifically, is intended to be a hospitable environment where no one ends up in hospital or therapy, including myself. While this Kottabos can provide a place for pithy and piquant statements, but it is not a place to be insulting or rude. I feel I must be clear this Kottabos is not going to be a space to slander, libel, flame or otherwise attack people or points of view; but rather to offer readers an opportunity to offer thoughts and feedback about the journal.

Read more about the Kottabos, or letters, section in the call for submissions and in the Kottabos section of the submissions guidelines.

For general information, please read the call for submissions and the terms & conditions for submissions. If you have any comments, questions or concerns; or want to submit your work for an anthology, just contact the librarian.