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On the Formula of the Gnostic Mass (concerning the Children) by Soror Matheis and Frater Jones

“Where then are the remaining Sephiroth of these pillars? How are they and their functions represented in the Mass? Did Crowley just leave them out? We propose that the answers to these questions lie in the offices of the Children” [via]

On the Cup. David Richard Jones aka T Satanas

“a direct link between the sacrament, as consecrated by the Priest and Priestess at the altar, and the cake and cup consumed by the congregant, is necessary for the sacrament to be efficacious.” [via]

On the Bloody Eucharist. David Richard Jones aka T Satanas.

“Thus does life both rise from the ashes and feed her young.” [via]

EGC Lecture

There is an extensive historically interesting playlist of 34 videos with Sabazius X, recorded in 1995, described as:

“A Gnostic Mass lecture and step-by-step walkthrough by Fra.Sabazius. Very detailed 3.5hrs. Some information may be out of date, but this is a treasure trove for “Priests and Priestesses” who are out on their own. Everything from Priestess modesty issues to alcohol and AIDS. Exhaustive.”

This was posted by Aleister Crowley Oasis Ritual Videos Archive as part of what appears to be an effort to preserve contents from a deteriorating video library.

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