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Witches and Wicked Bodies at Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art open through Nov 3rd

I previously mentioned Witches and Wicked Bodies, a show at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, in Edinburgh, Scotland.

William Blake's The Whore of Babylon featured at Witches and Wicked Bodies exhibition
William Blake, The Whore of Babylon, (1809)

Since that was a while ago, and the show is now open, I thought I’d mention it again. This will run through Nov 3rd, 2013. See also Witches: from hideous hags to sexy sirens — in pictures for a preview. Further, there’s a more recent article at From Macbeth to the Wizard of Oz: New exhibition explores the erotic side of witchcraft; Images of witches have always had a sexual aspect, as a new show in Edinburgh vividly demonstrates [HT Judika Illes].