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The Tarot of the Magicians

Tarot of the Magicians: The Occult Symbols of the Major Arcana that Inspired Modern Tarot by Oswald Wirth, and introduced by Mary K Greer, available in print again from Weiser Books. You can also check out an excerpt in PDF, if you like. The book itself includes the major arcana card on perforated sheets, for reference.

Oswald Wirth's The Tarot of the Magicians from Weiser Books


“Tarot of the Magicians by Swiss occultist artist and author Oswald Wirth was first published in Paris in 1927, and a Weiser edition was later released in 1985. The Weiser edition is a direct translation and the first and only English-language edition of this important work.

Long unavailable, the book is back in print in a beautiful new package with full-color pull-out cards reproducing Wirth’s 1889 tarot deck. With a new introduction by bestselling tarot author Mary K. Greer, Tarot of the Magicians offers tarot enthusiasts and students of the occult an in-depth and authoritative analysis of one of the most beautiful and evocative of all modern tarot decks.

In this important tarot work of the Major Arcana, Wirth combines the imagery.” [via]



Hello magicians, squatters, artists, journalists, poets, experimental geographers, inventors, bicycle healers, hactivists and resistance scholars

Along the lines of having an engaged practice, you may be interested in this call specifically looking for magicians and others as part of a coordinated day of action on February 29th sent me by Katherine Ball, an activist in Portland, OR:

Hello magicians, squatters, artists, journalists, poets, experimental geographers, inventors, bicycle healers, hactivists and resistance scholars,

I am writing to invite you to participate in a coordinated day of direct action to shut down corporations on February 29th: www.shutdownthecorporations.org. The corporations, which run our government, place profit over people, self-interest over justice, and domination over equality. In this justice, liberty and a livable future are casualties. This is a call for a national day of direct action to reclaim our voices and challenge our society’s obsession with profit and greed by shutting down the corporations.

There are over 50 cities across the United States planning to take direct action on this day (full list at bottom of this page), and as of this week Mexico City has also joined.

This email is a call out to creative individuals and groups to also take direct action on this day. Just imagine what an outpouring of creative actions could do! I have listed some of the groups/individuals receiving this email at the bottom.

If you are interested in participating and want to make your participation public, there is a form on the bottom of the contact page. If you prefer to keep your participation autonomous, I thank you and wish you the best of luck. If you cannot take direct action, if you could use your means to further these ends, I would greatly appreciate it (such as writing an article, sending the call to action out to your network, etc). Any action—small or large—in solidarity would be appreciated.

This call comes from the Action Lab, a spokescouncil in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Thank you for your time and your wonderful work in the world,

Egyptian Magic in Egyptian Magic by Florence Farr.

“Now on the face of the matter it is very easy to see that a great part of Egyptian Magic lay in a species of Hypnotism, called by later magicians, Enchantment, Fascination, and so forth. Anybody with intelligence and charm can hypnotise an innocent person that interests him, but such a practice is derogatory both to fascinator and fascinated, even when it takes place in matters of ordinary passional life. How much more so when it leads to debauchery of the soul. In this way we, perceive the possibility of an Uninitiate successfully performing the spells he had discovered.” [via]

“A paralyzing, suffocating blanket of Fear descended on their temple as they made an invocation. Later, after ending the operation, they each experienced dreams in which they were being attacked by astral “thugs” who did things to their bodies while they had to lie there paralyzed, totally unable to defend themselves. For several days afterwards, some of the magicians involved felt like they were being followed and watched.” — Josh Norton (Benjamin Rowe), The Men in Black and the Dweller on the Threshold