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In The Temple

The subtle-souled dim radiant queen

Burns like a bale-fire through the mist;

The slender earth is bright and green,

Emerald, gray and amethyst;

The wavering breeze has slowly kissed

The way between

Her zone and wrist.

Pale guardian of the altar-flame,

Syren of old, perfidious song,

A murmuring runnel lately came

In streaming hate of mortal wrong.

Wait, for, my goddess, not for long

The snake is tame. …

See! He is strong!

The wide-set temple-pillars gleam,

As marble white, and tall as pines;

The doorway to immortal dream

Lies through the temple’s purple shrines.

Behold, pure queen, the magic signs.

Let words out-stream

As mingled wines! …

Victor B Neuburg, Equinox I iv


The Hermetic Library arts and letters pool is a project to publish poetry, prose and art that is inspired by or manifests the Western Esoteric Tradition. If you would like to submit your work for consideration as part of the Arts and Letters pool, contact the librarian.