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Mail call 11feb2023

A package arrived at the Reading Room!

Mail Call 11feb2023 Envelope

Let’s take a gander inside!

Mail Call 11feb2023 Envelope Open

It’s a stack of my Pulp Magick meme, upgraded a bit from when I first posted it to socials, and then put on postcard merch for Patrons and Postal Exchange! I created this based on the iconic image from the movie Pulp Fiction, but swapped in the heads of Aleister Crowley and Gerald Gardner instead, and some other touch ups to make it work.

Mail Call 11feb2023 Pulp Magick Merch

Mail Call 11feb2023 Pulp Magick Merch Stack

I think that turned out pretty darn good for something mostly meant for funsies. It pretty much holds up even really close!

Mail Call 11feb2023 Pulp Magick Merch Close Up

Looking forward to sending these out soon, but, um, yeah, so, I ended up having to order way more than I needed, so if you want one, just become a Patron on Patreon (or supporter on Ko-Fi, whatever they’re called) with any merch perk, or even just send me something in the mail for postal exchange, and I’ll send one to you too!