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Initium Novum


Initium Novum

The last segment to the Lux Lucis album, this piece of the Occult Sonicart release is entitled, “Initium Novum”. This final fragment is not meant so much to be conclusive as it is meant to relay one back into the first segment, “Terminus ut Vetus”. What this sonic atmosphere is intended to convey is the internal battle between the Light and Dark — the Self and Ego. It is not a war that can necessarily be won by either side, but oftentimes we find ourselves feeding one side more than the other — providing that part of ourselves a momentary instant of more influence. The composition of this track includes vocal parts contributed by Mahatma Dalí’s id, The Masterless. The inclusion of The Masterless practically felt necessary, considering Mahatma Dalí has been referred to as the ‘egoless alter’ and The Masterless, the ‘alter ego’. It is a haunting registry indeed, whether it is the tail of the serpent or its head is irrelevant. For with the Ouroboros, everything comes full circle.

Mahatma Dalí, a composer of vanishing-point music, strives to provide the masses with a unique listening experience. While the sustained tone branch of minimalist music is about as far away from music as it can get before it ceases to be musical, there is something undeniably rhythmic and hypnotic about it — the very things M. Dalí accentuates on.

The harmonic (and quasi-harmonic) tone-clusters that culminate M. Dalí’s brand of dronology are riveting in a way that becomes increasingly difficult to describe as it plays out. When you couple this with the conceptual soundscapes that they articulate within, you’ll find what the ear would otherwise dismiss as tumultuous becomes a sonic scenery wherein which your imagination is the only limiting factor in this auditory experience.

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