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Fucking Trans Women

The librarian John Griogair Bell reviews Fucking Trans Women, Issue #0 by Mira Bellwether.

Mira Bellwether Fucking Trans Women 0

This is a fun little ‘zine, and it is definitely a ‘zine in format, which really does seem to cover material not discussed anywhere else and so the author has done a service. (The author has followed the same course as my own personal rule for the Internet: If you’re looking for a reference, but don’t find anything; it is your duty to create that reference and put it online.) I consider myself pretty well informed, but it’s reading material like this that makes me realize I’m still a pretty dumb pretty cis boy. I learned new things about trans issues and culture, as an outsider, that I hope help me be more aware and awake. I even learned about “Muffing” which is a new opportunity for potential pleasure from my own cis male anatomy that I’d never heard about before. I have no idea how much of this is new information for anyone else, especially those in the trans community itself (but according to the author, it might be!), but I can recommend this to cis males, like myself, who are straight but not narrow.

Aside from the sensational topic, and news to me, about “muffing”, there is also a worthy discussion about the suppressed erotic potential of soft things, and how we are socially conditioned to think of soft things only as things to be made hard (bodies, muscles, penises, clits, nipples, and so on); and that only hard things have sex, and that soft things need to be fixed. This seems to me as important a point about anatomy as the revelation of “muffing” so don’t miss that possible paradigm shift in all the other excitement.