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Hermetic Library album call for 2017 submissions

Today I am announcing the 2017 call for submissions for Magick, Music and Ritual 13, the next anthology album of tracks by artists inspired by or who incorporate ritual and magick in their work. These anthology albums help promote artists to the audience of the Hermetic Library and beyond. These albums raise awareness about the connection between ritual, music and magick. And, they are a mass of awesome fun.

Magick, Music and Ritual 13 will be the one and only album release for 2017 from the Anthology Project. The deadline for submissions to the 2017 anthology album is September 30th, 2017. Be sure to stay tuned to the blog and the pages for the Hermetic Library anthology project for reminders and updates along the way.

Call for Submissions for Magick Music and Ritual 13


Deadline for submissions is September 30th, 2017. Release is planned around the anniversary of the Hermetic Library’s birth on Dec 3rd, 1996.

Be sure to read through the terms and conditions for artist submissions to an anthology album (which includes some new and more specific information about acceptable file formats), and after that if you have any questions, comments or wish to contribute to this project; contact the librarian.

Please consider joining the Hermetic Library in promoting your work by contributing to this benefit anthology album project. All proceeds from album sales will support the library to help cover hosting costs, materials acquisitions, and other expenses.


Check out all the previously released anthology albums, help spread the word about the Hermetic Library anthology project, and let those you think may be interested know about this new opportunity to participate.


Cover Artwork and Design

If you would like to make a proposal for the artwork and design of this anthology, please get in touch! Take a gander at all the other covers and consider joining the illustrious artists who have participated with their work on those anthologies.

Bonus Download Submissions

If you are creating something else, and would like to be included in the anthology download as a bonus, let me know. I’m open to bonus artwork, essay, articles and … well, anything that can be included in a digital download!

Odd Order anthology

Please also consider the Odd Order anthology, currently in its 2nd year, which is also being announced today with the same deadline. Odd Order Albums are annual compilations of tracks by artists inspired by or who incorporate geekery and nerdy mishegoss in their work, an anthology album of tracks by artists inspired by technology and geek culture. These benefit anthology albums help Rigaroga and Odd Order promote artists to the audience of the not only the Odd Order, but also the Hermetic Library and beyond.


Also, the best way to add anthology releases and this upcoming Hermetic Library album to your personal music collection is through the Patron campaign at Patreon. Patrons will each be offered a gratis download code for the 2017 release in addition to all the other patronage rewards they may receive, and that ends up being the most cost effective way to get these albums. Consider becoming a Patron today!

Hermetic Library 2017 Funding Campaign

Help the Hermetic Library make Magick for another year!

Go to https://igg.me/at/hermeticlibrary

Help fund content, creation and curation at Hermetic Library!

Archiving, Engaging and Encouraging the living Western Esoteric Tradition, Hermeticism & Aleister Crowley’s Thelema for 20 years.

Will you help us be of service for another year?

Hermetic Library needs your help to keep going. For 20 years Hermetic Library has been the one of the most comprehensive and popular resources on the Internet for the kind of information in its collection. The Hermetic Library is justifiably famous, and perhaps a little infamous, as the source for an amazing collection of information useful to every researcher and student of the ancient and living Western Esoteric Tradition. Many students over the last two decades found their start with their studies by perusing the materials of the Hermetic Library and consequently started building their own actual libraries by downloading numerous pages of content made available to them in electronic and searchable form by the library.

Since 2009, John Bell, the Librarian, has been working to expand what was just a website into a multi-platform online presence, with active social media accounts in all the right places. He’s been working on constant updates and improvements to the site. He’s introduced many new services provided by the library. It’s still essentially a one-person show, with everything—all the work on the site and constant curation effort on social media and on the site and all—being done by John. Keeping the library going is more than a full-time job! The time and energy needed to keep up the pace and continue growing just isn’t possible without your help to make it sustainable.

This is the second funding drive for the library, and with your help we can beat last year’s $1,694 campaign total! If we beat last year’s total and reach our base budget of $9996 we can keep going for another full year. However, if there is enough additional support that surpasses the necessary goal, we can actually take large steps toward doing even more. With additional budget beyond the campaign goal, we can provide

  • more content from additional materials in existing and expanded sections;
  • more communication through developing a newsletter, podcast, or even finally launching our journal;
  • more curation of all the new and interesting things to be discovered through the website, blog, tumblogs and social media;
  • more creation through actively developing new ideas, new resources, and even commissioning new work from authors and artists to develop new ideas and resources.

What We Need & What You Get

$9996 dollars will allow us to pay our bills and expenses for the entire next year. That means providing money to offer a stipend or honorarium to volunteers for their effort, expenses related to keeping our websites up and running, and the tools needed to keep our social media presence going.

This budget is what is necessary for Hermetic Library to continue to be of excellent and essential service to the community. We need your help now in order to continue. It’s time to decide not only if we can keep going but if we can keep growing!

It is not a coincidence that this campaign is being announced on May 1st. Not only is this timing to coincide with celebration and solidarity for May Day—this campaign is a loud mayday call through the aethyrs to you. Will you help?

The Impact

The Hermetic Library is a shining example of excellence for providing and supporting a living esoteric tradition online. Millions of people a year visit the site. A hundred thousand people follow the Hermetic Library on various social media platforms. Every year more and more people can count on the Hermetic Library as their best and primary esoteric resource online.

We need your help not only in making the current level of activity sustainable, but also in taking the next step in our ongoing growth. This 2017 fundraising campaign will be what decides whether to keep going and growing or not. We need your help to make that decision, and your support is needed to continue putting in all the incredible amounts of time, effort, and love into this endeavour.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you aren’t able to help out by contributing, there are still plenty of ways you can participate and support this effort!

  • Let your esoterically-minded colleagues and friends, who may be interested in such matters, know about this campaign.
  • Please share this campaign on your social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and with any forums where you are active. Use the sharing tools here on Indiegogo, or post your own personal messages.
  • Let other people know how important Hermetic Library is to you!

Share this link: https://igg.me/at/hermeticlibrary


Will You Take Me All The Way


Will You Take Me All The Way

The Implicit Order is not involved in any wave, stream, genre or scene. I/O started in 1989 as a Mail Art project and by the early 1990’s it developed into a full time musical project incorporating many of the Industrial/Experimental ideas of the late 1970’s, 1980’s and beyond. The band always tried to inject a sense of the Occult, humor and an off-kilter view into the image and recordings. The Implicit Order was active in the Cassette Culture of the 1990’s up to 2001. In 2002 the band took a break from recording and resumed in 2008. Some labels of note that I/O has appeared on: Wholeness Recordings, AIN23, Phantasma Disques, Classwar Karaoke, Vuzh Music, SuRRism Phonoethics, Black Circle Records, Clinical Archives, EE Tapes, Cohort Records

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Broken Fire


Broken Fire
(Ace of Space/Paul Le Hat)

This is a solemn dedication to a dear beloved sister who quietly passed away in 2016 after a long illness. Also to the people involved in her palliative care, her family and friends who helped her on her journey. The distance between us never stopped us talking to each other about what was happening to her, we made check lists, issued directions, recalled the happy and sad events in our lives. I learned new things and re-learned things I’d forgotten about. On my visits we packed books and art works to be given away, added to those check lists, made food from our youth, reminisced some more, I became the artist’s assistant and we walked on shorelines and footpaths of her favourite places without fuss or complications. These simple things were her signals of reassurance.

Discontent is unavailable …

One man wave of cinematic electronica from Northumbria. Has so far produced five full length albums.

Whatever it means to Ace of Space it means capturing the moment, just like taking a photograph or snapshot, in musical terms. These eclectic collections are a mixture of old school electronica and guitar instrumentals and atmospheric soundtrack work.

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Around the Strophalos


Around the Strophalos

Around the Strophalos is the opening track of my recent debut EP Pagan Anthology. Thematically it is inspired by a fantastic cross between blues history and the ancient Hecate’s worship. Some year ago, I fantasized if in that famous mythical episode in the history of blues, bluesman Robert Johnson hadn’t sold his soul to the devil at a crossroads but, instead, invoked Hecate, Greek goddess of the crossroads. With this fantasy in mind, I lit a candle in the darkness of my home studio and, on a drum loop, I began to improvise the melody that would become this track. Its title comes from a fragment of the Chaldean Oracles. My friend Leonardo Reyes has recorded some guitar parts.

Utopia Eleison is a project by Israel Ortega (Caracas, Venezuela) who started on the grounds of prog and classic rock to later embrace electronic, ambient and world music. Today he is making computer-based music inspired by both multiple musical genres daily frequents and his love for books and literature. With his moniker Synth Avesta, he is also producing a more electronic/pop-oriented music.

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Better Way


Better Way

Written by Kim Logan
Produced + Engineered by Brett Orrison
Recorded at Century Recordings in Dripping Springs TX
Kim Logan (vocals, electric guitar)
Ricky Dover Jr. (electric guitar)
Gyasi Heus (electric guitar) Cody Reid (electric bass)
Amaia Agirre (keys)
Houston Mathews (drums)
Brendan Lazar (percussion)

Kim Logan arose from the swamps and beaches of Sarasota, Florida after a decade in the opera industry, to write songs and make records in Nashville.

With her education from the Berklee College of Music, and years of the kind of hands-on learning you can only get in honky-tonks and on highways, Kim flexes her artistic muscles in every medium of art possible. In addition to the release of her debut self-titled album, Kim has penned published poetry and essays, consulted on and served as muse for a fashion designers and vintage curators, and collaborated with everyone from filmmakers, to burlesque and hoop dancers, to portrait artists, in interdisciplinary displays of performance art.

The second oeuvre of Kim’s work will be released in late Summer 2016. The first two chapters are produced and developed by the formidable sonic wizards Vance Powell (Jack White, Chris Stapleton), and Brett Orrison (The Black Angels). Kim continues to innovate, reinvent, and create from nothing. Kim is also an ensemble/comprimario singer with the Nashville Opera company, and can be seen in productions throughout their festival season.

A classic, craftsman’s songwriting sensibility, paired with sonic homage to each unique sub-genre in history which has influenced her, makes for Kim’s gap-bridging, line-blurring, time-traveling sound.

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Celebration (Autumnal Equinox)


Celebration (Autumnal Equinox)

Antibarbarus (Transmissions from Radio Libra) is based in Eskilstuna, Sweden, sometimes channeling the ghost of August Strindberg, using field recordings, electronics, and guitars.

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