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Sherlock Holmes: The Breath of God

So apparently there’s a new Sherlock Holmes novel out in which Sherlock and Watson consult Aleister Crowley. They also apparently consult with Algernon Blackwood’s John Silence. The first two chapters are up online, so you can check it out. Chapter one is an exclusive over at Fangoria. Chapter two is an exclusive over at IO9.

“Literature’s greatest detective joins forces with history’s greatest occultist in THE BREATH OF GOD, a new novel out today from Titan Books. Written by Guy Adams, it’s set at the close of the 19th century, when Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson team up with Aleister Crowley to solve a series of murders, and we’ve got an exclusive excerpt after the jump.

Following the discovery of a crushed body in the London snow with no footprints nearby, and a subsequent series of equally strange deaths, Holmes and Watson travel to Scotland to enlist Crowley’s help. Other prominent psychics and demonologists join the investigation—but will they be able to stop the gathering dark forces?” [link to Fangoria redacted for safe browsing]

“While you’re waiting raptly for the second installment of Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes films and the second season of Steven Moffat’s Holmes TV show, you can fill your Holmes cravings with a new novel — in which Holmes teams up with Aleister Crowley.

In The Breath of God by Guy Adams, published by Titan Books, a mysterious force is crushing to people to death — almost as if the very air itself were smushing them. So Holmes and his trusty amanuensis Watson are forced to travel to Scotland to consult the one man who can help them — Aleister Crowley. They also consult Psychic Doctor John Silence and demonologist Julian Karswell.” [via]


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