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Ambigram Tarot

The Ambigram Tarot is an interesting tarot deck that’s available from Nightwhine.

“The Ambigram Tarot is a deck that I began several years ago (2008) and after much work has finally reached its first printing! Each card features an Ambigram on the back that reads ‘Eternity’ and ‘Infinity’ depending on how you turn it. It is a full tarot deck that includes both major and minor arcana. Also included are ‘spread’ cards that are useful as a learning tool. The face of each card has both an ambigram picture and descriptive word(s) as well as each cards respective number. :-)

This is your chance to purchase, at wholesale price, a pre-release of my deck. Only a limited amount will be sold, and the first 25 decks will include an additional signed card by yours truly! This will arrive to you as a cellophane sealed deck. No book or pamphlet is included at this time.” [via]