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Seven Demons

Hermetic Library Fellow T Polyphilus reviews Seven Demons [Amazon, Bookshop, Publisher, Local Library] by Aidan Truhen.

Truhen Seven Demons

Seven Demons is a second smoking stream-of-psychopathy tale in the comma-abstemious voice of criminal entrepreneur Jack Price. The book thinks it wants to be a heist thriller, but it is programmatically ambiguous about that intention. Price takes his team to Switzerland where he learns much about Swissness, foes and friends die, and Nazis get satisfyingly obliterated.

The story offers a lot of entertaining dialogue, often featuring the distinctive exchange of double-quoted ellipses as a conversation reaches an absurd impasse. Jack has some awesome pillow talk with the global science felon who is his not-girlfriend (87-9) and delivers a not-unrelated monologue on the art of cunnilingus (180-1).

The prior book The Price You Pay was so amusing and sui generis that I was prepared for a certain level of disappointment here. Nevertheless, Seven Demons made me LOL all the way down to my crime testes on a regular basis. I will not be surprised to see another book after this one of Jack Price just trying to get along in the world, and I will gladly read it.