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A review of Occult Traditions

You may be interested in a review of Occult Traditions [also], edited by Damon Zacharias Lycourinos, and published by Numen Books, recently posted by Darren Scriven at “‘Occult Traditions’ A Review!” [HT Sorita d’Este]. You may recognize a number of the essay authors compiled in this book, and a number of these essays are about the Greek Magical Papyri. You can find a section with the Papyri Graecae Magicae in the collection of the library.

“There is much more to be read within these chapters, and for an all-rounder on occult traditions, I can see this book taking a prominent place on the bookshelf of many an occultist library. This was a very enjoyable and illuminative read, and I can’t recommend this title enough!


Conjuring Magical Assistants in the Greek Magical Papyri – Damon Zacharias Lycourinos

The Spell of Pnouthis as a Mystery Rite in the Greek Magical Papyri – Damon Zacharias Lycourinos

Waters Animating and Annihilating Apotheosis by Drowning in the Greek Magical Papyri – Aaron Cheak

The Hierarchical Cosmos Occult Theology as a Direct Continuation of Neoplatonism – Christopher A. Plaisance

From Roots to Fruits: A History of the Grimoire Tradition – David Rankine

A Source of the Key of Solomon- The Magic Treatise or Hygromancy, or Epistle to Rehoboam – Ioannis Marathakis

The Icelandic Tradition of Magic: Analysis of a Late-Eighteenth Century Icelandic Galdrabók – Christopher A. Smith

From Conjuror to Philosopher: A Comparative Analysis of Medieval and Renaissance Angel Magic – Christopher A. Plaisance

Dining with the Dead: A Canaanite View of Death and Necromancy – Tess Dawson

Composite Incenses and Incense Attributions: A Historical Survey – Ioannis Marathakis

The Science of Omens: Divining the Will of the Gods – Gwendolyn Toynton

Seth, the Red One of Chaos and Equilibrium – Damon Zacharias Lycourinos

Evolian Sex, Magic, and Power – Damon Zacharias Lycourinos

Wizards at War: Buddhism and the Occult in Thailand – Gwendolyn Toynton

Woman was the Altar: The Wiccan Great Rite: Sex, Tea, and Religion – Sorita d’Este

Treading the Spiral Maze: Changing Consciousness in Wiccan Ritual – Melissa Harrington

Akephalos Being an Attempted Restoration of the Rite of the Headless One, according to the Stele of Jeu the Hieroglyphist – Matthew Levi Stevens

The Holy Guardian Angel: A Golden Thread in the Tapestry of Being and Becoming – Companion Abraxas

The Eucharistic Feast of Agathodaimon – Companion Abraxas

The Rite of the Solar and Lunar Mysteries of the Altar of Eros for the Consecration of the Talismans of Helios and Selene (this needs to be moved so it is aligned with ‘The Rite’)

The Calling and Adoration of Aion, and the Spell of the Mystic Flame

The Hymnic Adoration and Invocation of Thoth” [via]