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The Talismonger Art Project

Austin Gandy has a patronage campaign to support The Talismonger Art Project, creating “occult artifacts” which may be of interest.

AUstin Gandy The Talismonger Art Project at Patreon

“Talismonger is my attempt to increase the aggregate enchantment in the world by dispersing strange objects of occult and esoteric significance to consenting recipients. I love creating art inspired by the world of magical experience: witchcraft and sorcery, the manipulation of bones and twine, crystals, candles, twists of herbs, the pursuit of visions, blessings, and guiding spirits. The goal of the Talismonger project is to engender a sense of wonder and engagement with these neglected facets of human experience that are potent, intuitive, artistic, and mystical. I believe that tangible possessions can be an important link to the symbolic world, and that the language of magic is the native dream-language of that symbolic world. I hope that by creating connections to that magical realm, I can help inspire a sense of communication with a deeper sense of reality and to encourage others to look at the world and themselves as pregnant with untold possibility.”