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Egyptian Magic in Egyptian Magic by Florence Farr.

“In the first Egyptian Room at the British Museum a painting, said to be of Queen Hatshepset, who lived about B.C. 1600, is hung on the walls (the Queen’s name has been painted out and that of Thothmes III. substituted), she is making perfume offerings; this picture is reproduced from an obelisk now fallen, which was set up by this Queen at Karnak. A print of this painting is reproduced in the English translation of Wiedemann’s Immortality of the Soul.” [via]

Hatshepsu making perfume offerings [via]

Offering to Tefnut

Offering to Tefnut.
Offering to Tefnut, originally uploaded by Jacqueline Elaine Gomez.


“Rose offerings to the Egyptian goddess of rain Tefnut.”


The Hermetic Library visual pool is a visual scavenger hunt for images of a living Western Esoteric Tradition.

Images of your ritual or ritual space, images of sigils or tools, showing off your own library or special volume from the restricted stacks, sacred spaces and places, esoteric artefacts and installations, inspired paintings and people – these and much more are part of the culture and practice of magick.