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The Egyptian Book of the Dead

The Egyptian Book of the Dead: The Book of Going Forth by Day, translated by Raymond O Faulkner, additional translation and commentary by Ogden Goelet, introduced by Carol Andrews, edited by Eva Von Dassow, and conceived by James Wasserman, the large format paperback from Chronicle Books, is part of the collection at the Reading Room.

Raymond Faulkner Ogden Oelet Carol Andrews The Egyptian Book of the Dead from Chronicle Books

“Written some 3,500 years ago, the Papyrus of Ani is the most complete, ornate, and best preserved example of Ancient Egyptian philosophical and religious thought. Presented here for the first time in its original form, with the hieroglyphic images matched to what has been acknowledged as the finest English translation of the test, The Egyptian Book of the Dead opens the door to one of humanity’s earliest and finest spiritual treasures.

O my heart which I had from my mother! O heart which I had from my mother! O my heart of my different ages! Do not stand up as a witness against me. Do not be opposed to me in the tribunal. Do not be hostile to me in the presence of the Keeper of the Balance, for you are my Ka which was in my body, the protector who made my members hale. Go forth to the happy place where to we speed: do not make my name stink to the Entourage who make men. Do not tell lies about me in the presence of the god; it is indeed well that you should hear!

Thus says Thoth, judge of truth, to the Great Ennead which is in the presence of Osiris: Hear this word of very truth. I have judged the heart of the deceased, and his soul stands as a witness for him. His deeds are righteous in the great balance, and no sin has been found in him. He did not diminish the offerings in the temple, he did not destroy what had been made, he did not go about with deceitful speech while he was on earth.

Thus says the Great Ennead to Thoth who is in Hermopolis: This utterance of yours is true. The vindicated Osiris Ani is straightforward, he has no sin, there is no accusation against him before us, Ammit shall not be permitted to have power over him. Let there be given to him the offerings which are issues in the presence of Osiris, and may a grant of land be established in the Field of Offerings as for the Followers of Horus.” — back cover