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Cypher Wheel

The Cypher Wheel by Frank Phelps is a handcrafted substitution cipher coding and decoding device with characters from Celtic Runes, Theban, Latin, Ogham, Enochian, and Greek.

Frank Phelps' Cypher Wheel

“The Cypher Wheel is a beautiful hand crafted work, made from native lumber harvested near my home in Versailles, MO, and is painstakingly hewn into a fine piece of art that would look great displayed in the home along with your prized art and furniture. But more than that, it is a functional coding and decoding device.”

“The outer wheel of the Cypher Wheel is made of Oak or Sycamore, measures 11 inches in diameter and is about an inch thick. The lettering of the 8 lines of Alphabets in 6 languages is applied via black ink silk screen. Other than the manual silk screen machine, no mechanical devices were used on this design. The Alphabets are not “stenciled” or “computer generated.” All of the lettering is my original “free hand” lay out.

From the outside in, the Alphabets are; Celtic Runes, Theban, 2 rows of modern Latin, Ogham, Enochian, upper case Greek, and lower case Greek.

I have wheels in Oak, and Sycamore. Just let me know which one you like.” [via]

Frank Phelps' Cypher Wheel