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God is never so turned away from man, and never so much sendeth him new paths, as when he maketh ascent to divine speculations or works in a confused or disordered manner, and as it adds, with unhallowed lips, or unwashed feet. For of those who are thus negligent, the progress is imperfect, the impulses are vain, and the paths are dark.

Zoroaster, quoted at The Herb Dangerous, Part II: The Psychology of Hashish by Oliver Haddo (Aleister Crowley)

Hermetic quote Zoroaster Haddo Crowley The Psychology of Hashish god never turned away from man sendeth him on new paths

Oliver Haddo


Oliver Haddo” by Blood Ceremony from Living With The Ancients

“Hard to please, isn’t he?
He asks only you let him take your mind
Harvester of souls is he
Necromancy and subjects of that kind

Far beneath Paris streets
Our coven meets – the Sabbat is nigh
Haddo waits so patiently, before the altar of sacrifice

Oh, will you walk away?
And no, it would not be a good idea for you to stray
The rites of Haddo have begun
He’s calling on the ancient ones
There are strange worlds hidden in his sorcery

Many things have come to be through devilry
Both wicked and divine
As nothing ever comes for free
Our gods will need your blood as sacrifice”

Aleister Crowley and his adopted pseudonym “Oliver Haddo” mentioned in a concert review

Aleister Crowley and his adopted pseudonym “Oliver Haddo” [see, also], which came from the character in W Somerset Maugham’s The Magician, mentioned in a concert review at “Review: Ghost at Marquis Theater, 1/27/12“. The band Blood Ceremony finished their set with the track “Oliver Haddo”.

“And what better way to end a set by a band that writes the perfect rock music to capture a ’70s horror movie aesthetic than with a reference to an Aleister Crowley pseudonym?”