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Scythrop did not despair. ‘Seven copies,’ he thought, ‘have been sold. Seven is a mystical number, and the omen is good. Let me find the seven purchasers of my seven copies, and they shall be the seven golden candle-sticks with which I will illuminate the world.’

Thomas Love Peacock, Nightmare Abbey [Amazon, Bookshop, Local Library, Internet Archive]

Hermetic quote Peacock Nightmare Abbey despair seven copiesĀ sold mystical number omen good find purchasers golden candlesticks illuminate world

Sales Meeting


The Eyeless Owl presents a brief animation in which an executive decides against omens and portents, during ‘A Serious Inquiry into the Vulgar Notion of Nature…’

2010 – Terry Hahin – Movement, David Metcalfe – Scrawling, Sean Mills – Aural Accompaniment, Jessica Danjieri – Touch Ups, Zac Odin – Poetics, D. Du’pre – Muse and Succulent Beats.”