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An irregular hodgepodge of links gathered together … A variety of things the Librarian of Hermetic Library has found to share from beyond the library that you may find interesting.

Pope thinks gay sex is goatse

“Pope Francis criticized laws that criminalize homosexuality as ‘unjust,’ saying God loves all his children just as they are and called on Catholic bishops who support the laws to welcome LGBTQ people into the church. ‘Being homosexual isn’t a crime,’ Francis said … Francis acknowledged that Catholic bishops in some parts of the world support laws that criminalize homosexuality or discriminate against LGBTQ people, and he himself referred to the issue in terms of ‘sin.'”—”The AP Interview: Pope says homosexuality not a crime.”

Hermetic Library Omnium Pope Thinks Gay Sex Is Goatse 29jan2023

Not a crime, but a sin. And a sin is a gap. A gap is a gape. And that’s a goatse! (Sung to the tune of Ya Got Trouble from The Music Man.)

Francis goes on to say bishops should should apply “tenderness, please, as God has for each one of us.” Yikes! I’m calling HR! Also, a gape is agapé? Catholic gay sex cult, confirmed.

Hercules’ labor in the toilet finally over

“The Appia Antica Park announced on Facebook that the area ‘has reserved a great surprise for us: a life-size marble statue which, due to the presence of the club and the lion’s coat covering its head, we can certainly identify as a figure representing Hercules’. The discovery was made during repair work on some sewer pipes that had collapsed, causing chasms and landslides.”—”Ancient statue of Hercules emerges from Rome sewer repairs. Work depicting mythological hero and apparently dating back to Roman imperial period found near Appian Way.”

Hermetic Library Omnium Hercules Labor in the Toilet Finally Over 29jan2023

I mean … I would expect nothing less than collapsed sewer pipes and landslides from a truly Herculean squat. That’s how you know it’s authentic. But, really, if it took that long, he should eat more fibre.

Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s Vril RPG

Heh. They’re making an RPG class, as a stretch goal for their game supplement, inspired by Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s Vril.

“We’ve received a lot of questions on the $220K Stretch Goal – Vril Tradition Wizard, so we thought we’d educate you!”—Kobold Press

The “Wizard Subclass: Vril Tradition” is a stretch goal for the Deep Magic 2 crowdfunding effort by Kobold Press.

Hermetic Library Omnium Kobold Press Vril 29jan2023

If the actual text of the subclass in the book doesn’t start with “It was a dark and stormy night” imma riot. But, also, maybe time to dig out those D&D Hollow World supplements!

The Art

The Art: A Grimoire of Traditional Witchcraft by Kerry Wisner, on pre-order with signed book plate, in the Geassa series. Hardcover and special editions on offer, with paperback forthcoming.

Wisner The Art paperback edition

“Witchcraft and magic have been with humanity from our beginning. Beyond all that we as a species are, these have remained because they work. And because they work, Traditional Witchcraft remains vital today.

This is the third in the Geassa series of books, a compendium of techniques rooted in Traditional Witchcraft that combine ancient pagan, Hermetic and cunning folk teachings into a powerful system of practical magic. Detailed rituals, spells, and formulae are presented including:

· Summoning the Serpent’s Breath in preparation for ritual.
· House spirits & protective magic.
· A detailed list of planetary and zodiacal sigils, seals and the spirits involved.
· Traditional talismans & amulets for a variety of uses.
· Mirror magic – including mirrors of revealing, enchanting & repelling.
· Scrying & Crystal Gazing.
· The Art of Fascination & the Glamour.
· Candle & Cord magic in Traditional Witchcraft.
· Necromancy – the art of summoning the dead.
· Prosperity magic.
· Seasonal and Full Moon Rituals.
· A listing of different incantations, Words of Power and much more.

Fully documented, including over ninety illustrations, this book gives in depth instruction into the techniques of practical Traditional Witchcraft.”

Wisner The Art hardcover edition

Wisner The Art special edition

Operation Cone of Power

Operation Cone of Power [Amazon, Bookshop, Publisher] by Philip Heselton and Moira Hodgkinson.

Hestelton Hodgkinson Operation Cone of Power

“It has long been rumoured that on the eve of August 1940, a coven of witches gathered in the New Forest to create an immense surge of magical forces to aid Britain’s fight in WWII.

In September 1939, Gerald Gardner, amateur anthropologist and collector of weaponry, began his training as an initiated witch with enthusiasm. Then war was announced and the future of Britain became uncertain, the threat of invasion from the German army loomed ever closer. Gerald put his efforts and knowledge to use in the Home Guard along with pieces from his private collection. Little did he know it would be his newly honed magical skills that gave him and his friends the power they needed to stand their ground.

This book, a blend of occult and historical fiction, has been made possible by the skills of the much-acclaimed esoteric novelist, Moira Hodgkinson, and the extensive researches of historian of witchcraft, Philip Heselton.

Real people and what they did are woven into this fascinating and exciting tale of commitment and sacrifice – the legendary ‘Operation Cone of Power.'”

🎩 Treadwell’s

Obsidian Axes From Over 1 Million Years Ago

“Pleistocene archaeology records the changing behaviour and capacities of early hominins. These behavioural changes, for example, to stone tools, are commonly linked to environmental constraints. It has been argued that, in earlier times, multiple activities of everyday life were all uniformly conducted at the same spot. The separation of focused activities across different localities, which indicates a degree of planning, according to this mindset characterizes later hominins since only 500,000 years ago. Simbiro III level C, in the upper Awash valley of Ethiopia, allows us to test this assumption in its assemblage of stone tools made only with obsidian, dated to more than 1.2 million years (Myr) old.”—A surge in obsidian exploitation more than 1.2 million years ago at Simbiro III (Melka Kunture, Upper Awash, Ethiopia)

New very-old ritual tool dropped. Put an obsidian axe next to your John Dee Commemorative Scrying Mirror™️.

Hermetic Library Omnium Obsidian Axes From Over 1 Million Years Ago


Watch, available until May 21: PARSIFAL Wagner – Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra.

“A young man ignorant of everything, including his own name, arrives at the Kingdom of the Holy Grail. Is he the ‘pure fool, enlightened by compassion’, who, it has been prophesied, will purify the realm?

OperaVision is live from Bergen for a concert staging of Parsifal, Richard Wagner’s final music drama which is unlike anything that went before or has come since. It can feel more like a ritual ceremony than an opera – grand yet intimate, somehow occupying its own space and time. At the heart of Parsifal is a curious, magical treatment of the symphony orchestra that appears to give the voices above it all the space and autonomy they need. Following award-winning concert performances of Peter Grimes with Stuart Skelton in the title role, the Australian tenor returns to Bergen in the same capacity for this Parsifal under chief conductor Edward Gardner. Joining them is a fine cast including Johan Reuter as the wounded Amfortas, Brindley Sherratt as the wise old Gurnemanz and Ricarda Merbeth as the teasing Kundry.”

See also Parsifal | Operavision:




Live on 21.01.2023 at 16h00 CET, Available until 21.05.2023 at 12h00 CET, Sung in German, Subtitles in English”

Hermetic Library Omnium Wagner Parsifal 27jan2023

A Boy and His Gold

“Over a century ago, the mummy of a teenage boy was found in Nag el-Hassay, Egypt. The body remains wrapped to this day, but a team of researchers just used CT scanning to peer through the linens to find 49 amulets on and inside the boy’s body. The mummy was in a Ptolemaic cemetery about 500 miles south of Cairo, making the remains about 2,300 years old. The CT scans the team conducted also revealed details of the boy’s health before he died.” “The boy’s social class was deduced from his ornate burial—the team refers to the remains as the “Golden boy mummy” for its gilded face mask. Under the mummy’s wrappings, the researchers found more evidence of wealth: 21 different shapes of amulets, 30 of which were made of gold. The amulets were intentionally placed at specific places on the body; a gold tongue amulet was in the mummy’s mouth, which the researchers believe was done to allow the boy to speak in the afterlife. A two-finger amulet was placed next to the boy’s penis, which the researchers believe was to cover up an embalming incision.”—”New Scans Reveal 2,300-Year-Old Mummy Boy and His Gold Treasures. The golden tokens and footwear were intended to ease the body’s transition into the afterlife.”

Hermetic Library Omnium A Boy and His Gold