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Special offer for an extra 15% off Donald Robertson’s Marcus Aurelius: Life and Stoicism

I’m happy to announce a special offer for active or new Patrons of Hermetic Library, for an extra 15% off Donald Robertson’s Marcus Aurelius: Life and Stoicism, a 4 week intro to Stoic philosophy and psychology course, which begins March 17th, about how to build emotional resilience and develop a more meaningful life, from Marcus Aurelius.

Become a new Patron of Hermetic Library now to get your 15% off coupon.

This self-paced course begins on March 17th, offers a core curriculum of videos, quotes, recommended reading, discussions, knowledge quizes, and weekly webinars, all together about 15 hours of learning over 4 weeks, but there’s many hours of additional bonus content available, including three e-books. And, once you’ve enrolled, you’ll have continued access to all the course materials and recorded webinars for future review.

Donald Robertson is, among other things, the author of six books on philosophy and psychotherapy, as well as having contributed chapters to four other book and published many articles in journals and magazines. His newest book is How to Think Like a Roman Emperor: The Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius which is due out in April from St Martin’s Press.

Robertson How to Think Like a Roman Emperor

I’ve been following Donald’s work creating curricula on Stoicism for several years now, including Stoic Mindfulness & Resilience Training and an annual Stoic Week, and when I saw that he was offering this new course, I reached out to him to see if I could work with him to create this special offer for you all. I’m happy and excited that this worked out, and I hope that you’ll be interested in checking out Donald’s new course, his other courses (many of which are available free), and his upcoming new book.

This offer is open to active and new Patrons of Hermetic Library though March 16th and will be a coupon code for an additional 15% off the current course enrollment.

I’ll post more about this over the week, but since there’s only 7 days until the course starts, I suggest that you seriously consider taking advantage of this now. If you are an active Patron and would like the discount code, just let me know and I’ll get it to you right away. For new Patrons that sign up in the next week, I’ll be offering the coupon code through March 16th, and will send that as part of my welcome to new Patrons.

Check out more about Marcus Aurelius: Life and Stoicism.

Hermetic Library Robertson Marcus Aurelius promo March 2019

Johannite Religious Education online course starting Oct 31st, 2013

Tony Silvia and the Parish of Saint Martin AJC (based in New York City) is offering Johannite Religious Education, a course of 6 classes, beginning on Oct 31st, 2013 and running through mid-December. The course will be conducted via Google Hangouts and there is a very small number of openings available. Tony mentions in a post on the event site that the course “is primarily aimed at people who know little or nothing about the AJC or for those who are planning to join the Church.”

“The Parish of Saint Martin, AJC is pleased to announce a course of Johannite Religious Education, presented by the rector, Fr. Tony Silvia.

This course will run for 6 (non-consecutive) Thursday evenings as follows:
– October 31st
– November 7th
– November 21st
– December 5th
– December 12th
– December 19th

All classes will be from 8:00 – 9:30 PM Eastern US Time.

The Religious Education course is designed for those who want to know more about Johannite spirituality, either out of curiosity or if you intend to join the AJC. No commitment to the AJC in any form will be required or expected, this course is simply informational.

Space is limited, so please only register for this event if you are willing and able to attend all six classes.” [via]

Sexual Alchemy & Tarot with Lon Milo DuQuette

You may be interested in Sexual Alchemy & Tarot: Understanding Crowley’s Thoth Deck, an online training session with Lon Milo DuQuette, offered through Thelesis Aura on Sun, Sept 15 from 9am-11am PDT (12pm-3pm EDT).

Lon Milo DuQuette's Thelesis Aura classes

“For more than 35 years, the Thoth Tarot has been one of the most popular and best selling Tarot decks in the world. Designed by Aleister Crowley and painted by Frieda Harris, it is considered by many to be the most important magical object d’art of the 20th century – it is also one of the most misunderstood.

Crowley’s own The Book of Thoth, written in the last years of his life, is naturally the most authoritative work on the subject, and represents a synthesis of a lifetime of magical study and illumination. Yet like many of Crowley’s works, it is hard to digest without a considerable background in occult education.

Join author and Crowley expert, Lon Milo DuQuette (author of Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot), for an in-depth (and relatively painless) look at the classic and revolutionary structure of the Thoth Tarot; its artistic mysteries; and the secrets of sexual alchemy hidden within the stunning imagery of its 78 mini-masterpieces.”

Summoning of Evil Spirits: Goetia and Solomonic Magick with Lon Milo DuQuette

You may be interested in Summoning of Evil Spirits: Goetia and Solomonic Magick, an online training session with Lon Milo DuQuette, offered through Thelesis Aura on Sun, Jan 20 from 4pm-6pm EST.

Lon Milo DuQuette's Summoning of Evil Spirits through Thelesis Aura

“Why would a relatively sane person go out of his or her way to purposefully summon an ‘evil’ spirit? A ‘demon’ from ‘hell’?

The answers might surprise you …

Join Goetic magician Lon Milo DuQuette for a full, in-depth examination of one of the most misunderstood systems of practical magick. His presentation and lecture will be followed by a live Q&A session on tips for the proper use of the system and related magickal techniques — a must attend for anyone with a serious interest in the topic.

Presentation duration: 90-120 minutes. Event will include a real time, interactive question and answer session.”

The Talents of Lugh: Twelve Weeks with a God

A few days left to participate in “The Talents of Lugh: Twelve Weeks with a God” a new online course by T Thorn Coyle that may be of interest:

Straighten your spine. Walk in pride. Learn to claim your heroic heart. He is present. He is burning. He is the beautiful one of many talents, and will challenge you to claim your worth. He is Lugh, Bright One, Warrior, Poet, Smith, Musician and Mage.

Spend twelve weeks in study, contemplation, dedication and daring. What within you needs courage? What talents do you hold inside your soul? What within you needs more strength and flexibility? What yearns to live from a place of creative fullness? What makes magic and claims the light of day? Approach the altar. Take up your task. Knock upon the door.

This online course offers:

Move from Summer into Fall in this sacred activity. Step forth renewed, ready to take up the life that calls to you.
July 9 – Oct 1

Cost is sliding scale $160-230 for twelve weeks of lessons and the discussion forum. Those who pay near the top subsidize those who need financial aid. Some partial scholarships are available.

Register with info.thorncoyle@gmail.com by July 1st.