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Special offer for an extra 15% off Donald Robertson’s Marcus Aurelius: Life and Stoicism

I’m happy to announce a special offer for active or new Patrons of Hermetic Library, for an extra 15% off Donald Robertson’s Marcus Aurelius: Life and Stoicism, a 4 week intro to Stoic philosophy and psychology course, which begins March 17th, about how to build emotional resilience and develop a more meaningful life, from Marcus Aurelius.

Become a new Patron of Hermetic Library now to get your 15% off coupon.

This self-paced course begins on March 17th, offers a core curriculum of videos, quotes, recommended reading, discussions, knowledge quizes, and weekly webinars, all together about 15 hours of learning over 4 weeks, but there’s many hours of additional bonus content available, including three e-books. And, once you’ve enrolled, you’ll have continued access to all the course materials and recorded webinars for future review.

Donald Robertson is, among other things, the author of six books on philosophy and psychotherapy, as well as having contributed chapters to four other book and published many articles in journals and magazines. His newest book is How to Think Like a Roman Emperor: The Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius which is due out in April from St Martin’s Press.

Robertson How to Think Like a Roman Emperor

I’ve been following Donald’s work creating curricula on Stoicism for several years now, including Stoic Mindfulness & Resilience Training and an annual Stoic Week, and when I saw that he was offering this new course, I reached out to him to see if I could work with him to create this special offer for you all. I’m happy and excited that this worked out, and I hope that you’ll be interested in checking out Donald’s new course, his other courses (many of which are available free), and his upcoming new book.

This offer is open to active and new Patrons of Hermetic Library though March 16th and will be a coupon code for an additional 15% off the current course enrollment.

I’ll post more about this over the week, but since there’s only 7 days until the course starts, I suggest that you seriously consider taking advantage of this now. If you are an active Patron and would like the discount code, just let me know and I’ll get it to you right away. For new Patrons that sign up in the next week, I’ll be offering the coupon code through March 16th, and will send that as part of my welcome to new Patrons.

Check out more about Marcus Aurelius: Life and Stoicism.

Hermetic Library Robertson Marcus Aurelius promo March 2019

The Talismonger Art Project

Austin Gandy has a patronage campaign to support The Talismonger Art Project, creating “occult artifacts” which may be of interest.

AUstin Gandy The Talismonger Art Project at Patreon

“Talismonger is my attempt to increase the aggregate enchantment in the world by dispersing strange objects of occult and esoteric significance to consenting recipients. I love creating art inspired by the world of magical experience: witchcraft and sorcery, the manipulation of bones and twine, crystals, candles, twists of herbs, the pursuit of visions, blessings, and guiding spirits. The goal of the Talismonger project is to engender a sense of wonder and engagement with these neglected facets of human experience that are potent, intuitive, artistic, and mystical. I believe that tangible possessions can be an important link to the symbolic world, and that the language of magic is the native dream-language of that symbolic world. I hope that by creating connections to that magical realm, I can help inspire a sense of communication with a deeper sense of reality and to encourage others to look at the world and themselves as pregnant with untold possibility.”

Problem Glyphs

Problem Glyphs is a patronage campaign by Eliza Gauger that may be of interest.

Eliza Gauger Problem Glyphs

“Problem Glyphs are an ongoing project in which I create symbolic illustrations in response to problems sent in by the public.

This Patreon will focus on collective rewards, in order to continue the Problem Glyphs project’s goal of horizontal counsel and assistance.

I started doing Problem Glyphs in November of 2013, and have created over 60 70 80 glyphs since then. These symbolic illustrations draw on my background in esoteric occultism, aesthetic symbolism, mythology, psychology, and hedge ‘magic’ to encourage, support, and counsel the people who seek them out.”

Hipster Abraxas

Scott Rassbach has started a patronage campaign over on Patreon that you might be interested in.

A couple months ago, I had a twitter brainstorm about Hipster Abraxas.

Abraxas: A gnostic deity-form found on certain ancient coins, and referenced in several Gnostic Works. He is generally depicted with the head of a rooster.

Hipster: a subcultural melting pot of indie styles and progressive culture, focusing on the obscure, the original, and possibly the overly trendy and ‘elite’.

Combining these two things seemed incongruous to me, so I did it. And what flowed out on twitter was an exploration of the myth of Abraxas set in a mythic Portland.

I’d like to keep going on the story, and I’d like your help and encouragement to do it. The first chapter is freely available on twitter @HipsterAbraxas. I’ve moved away from that medium due to it’s limitations, and will be posting further chapters both here and at a website to be determined in the future.

Multimedia heresy with a Gnostic edge

Miguel Conner, host of Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio and author, has started a patronage campaign over on Patreon that you might be interested in.

“Since 2006, Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio has been the preeminent (and dangerous) podcast on Gnosticism, the Esoterica & Dionysian Freethought. Now it’s your opportunity to become an active patron. Pledge to continue bringing to you some of the best scholars and mystics in the Kenoma, and let us continue growing one of the most exciting communities of our times. This is what your commitment will bring:

· New podcasts with old favorites and new voices (and of course my pandoric drivel introductions).
· Faster uploading of still over 100 episodes to YouTube, which has been a wonderful platform in reaching distant corners of the world; especially to those who lack financial resources, but are starving for alternative spiritualities. And the truth is that every video based on a past show is a lot of work.
· A return to writing engaging articles on religion/the occult. Gnostic Themes in Fight Club? Why I’m a dualist? Is Noah the movie really Gnostic? I’m ready to get going again on these and more!

Your support has been invaluable throughout the years, and truly appreciated as together we make better art than the creator gods and their slaves in the establishment.”

What can becoming a Patron make happen?

The first milestone for the Patron campaign for the Hermetic Library, hopefully the first in a journey of a thousand miles in good company with many adventures, is to be able to announce Magick, Music and Ritual 10 as the Hermetic Library Album from the Anthology Project for 2014

Please do consider joining the ranks of the remarkably attractive, erudite and welcome Patrons interested in supporting the work of library and reaching the initial campaign milestone, but you might be wondering what else beyond the initial goal can the Patron campaign accomplish with the help of more people …


What can becoming a Patron make happen?

I think there are three things to talk about here. The first is milestone goals for new activities everyone benefits from, the second is a menu Patron-exclusive rewards, and the third is different levels of patronage supporters can pledge. The matrix of how these three connect will be worked out over time, but feel free to get in touch if you’ve any thoughts or ideas that occur to you which I’ve not mentioned here. After all, part of being a Patron of the library is the community of practice we create together!

I have a number of ideas for future milestone goals, and if we manage to reach the initial goal I can add these, and perhaps others we can think up together. Here’s a sample of what I’ve been thinking about, and feel free to let me know what you think; but these are some examples of the things I think we could accomplish:

  • No more ads on the site or blogs
  • More book reviews
  • More art & letters
  • Reintroduce the book club … or, maybe, actual physical book club?
  • Interviews with authors, artists, practitioners and researchers
  • Audio updates, interviews and specials to the Hermetic Library audio pool
  • Videos on the Hermetic Library channel
  • Community discussion forum
  • Honoraria for articles, essays, arts and letters
  • Honoraria for video classes from teachers and instructors
  • Honoraria to interns for more additions and improvements to the site, and reportage on the blog, than I can do alone

Beyond the actual milestone goals, which create benefits for everyone, there should be specific and exclusive rewards for people who become Patrons of the library. Obviously, the first reward is that Patrons will be getting gratis download codes for at least one of the already released Hermetic Library Albums, and once the initial milestone is met, there’s also another gratis download code for Magick, Music and Ritual 10 for every Patron. But once the initial milestone goal is reached, I want to expand the variety of options and rewards for Patrons. Here’s some of what I’m thinking for the future:

  • Gratis anthology album download each year from the back catalogue
  • Gratis access to each new anthology release, whether album or journal
  • Possible gratis physical editions of albums and journals from the Anthology Project
  • Tchotchkes sent periodically in the mail for those that would like them, such as your very own actual Hermetic Library Patron Card and so forth
  • Access to a private Patron discussion forum for feedback, updates and early access to content, such as new material and videos, which you can discuss and offer feedback on
  • Privately published, special small press printing of works from the library and guest artists, poets and authors, in fancy collectible limited editions for your personal library
  • Invitation to a monthly video conference with the Librarian and other top patrons where we can talk about the site and anything of related interest
  • Invitation to video conferences for personal follow-up Q&A sessions with select presenters, authors and other people of interest from the Hermetic Library video channel or Anthology Project

Of course, there will always be the basic $1/mo level of patronage with spiffy rewards like gratis download codes to anthology releases, but I also expect to spread all the various rewards across a variety of reward levels, with a few limited to a small number of Patrons, such as: Basic Patron, Friend of the Library, True Fan/Subscription, High-Income/Organizational, and perhaps even a very exclusive Community Advisory Board.


Become a Patron of the Hermetic Library

If you appreciate the Hermetic Library site, or follow along with any of the blogs, tumblogs and social media related to the library, then please consider becoming an active Patron. Of course, there are a variety of ways you can help support and participate in the work of the library, but adding your voice as a Patron to this new campaign will be very much appreciated. Plus, this is your chance to help make Magick, Music and Ritual 10 happen in 2014!

Meanwhile, if you have any questions, comments or want to talk about the anthology project, feel free to contact the librarian!

GnosticNYC Network patron campaign

Tony Silvia and the GnosticNYC team have started a patronage campaign on Patreon to help them create Gnostic education materials, including their ongoing podcast and video channel as well as additional ideas for the future.

GnosticNYC Patreon campaign

“The GnosticNYC Network is the best source in the English-speaking world for videos and podcasts about Gnosticism. Our shows cover a variety of topics and feature a wide range of interesting and knowledgeable guests. As of this minute, we release about 9 pieces of video and audio media each month between our YouTube channel and our podcasts. With your support, we hope to bring you even more great content. We’re in a position, right now, where we have more ideas than resources to produce them, and we hope that this Patreon campaign will help us increase our ability to create more shows for you.”

Successful appeal to help Aaron Leitch

You may have heard a recent call to crowdfund medical assistance for occult author Aaron Leitch at “Save Aaron Leitch’s eye sight“. I was sitting down to follow up on my retweet of Christopher Pencak with an actual post to this blog to find that this need has already been met by the community, in a few hours [see].

It is both unfortunate when health issues strike and that appeals for help must needs be crowdfunded instead of handled by a rational and civilized universal health care system, but it is wonderful to hear that this appeal for help with Aaron Leitch’s medical issue was a success.

This, I think and if you’ll allow, would be a good time for a quick reminder about how this issue has touched the occult community. You may want to read “Adopt an Elder!” by the late P E I Bonewits, an essay about caring for our elders in the pagan, and, by extension, the larger occult, community. You might recall Order of Thelemic Knights, an effort to create philanthropic action in the larger Thelemic community, founded by Hermetic Library fellow Gerald del Campo. This issue of caring for need is neither new nor in isolation.

In addition to Bonewits himself, who had medical issues and made appeal to the community for help, I’m also reminded, of course, of the plights, within the larger occult community, of Robert Anton Wilson and, even further afield, of Utah Phillips; both of which involved appeals to the community for assistance; and those are only the highly visible tips of a much larger issue. I’m sure your own life has been touched by someone who has been in need for basic care that has not been met, perhaps even yourself. And, let us be very clear, for every well known person that is able to make an appeal, there are a vast number whose cries for help are unheard. It seems wrong to me that anyone should be forced to rely on chance, contingency or fragile meritocracy of patronage for their health care; but for those able to do so, I offer hearty congratulations for their luck and success. But what of, a far vaster number, those not able to do so?

The need for such effort to meet pressing needs that I feel should be covered by a powerful and pervasive social net seems to me an example that something is painfully wrong with how our economy is organized around maintenance of basic care. I am reminded of how we have lost many of the social structures that provided such care to their members to the painfully profitable insurance industry and that a much desired and needed universally available alternative has yet to replace those mechanisms. In the absence of a broad non-exclusive and non-profit social net, perhaps in the spirit of a neo-romantic and reconstructionist occultism, the role of early fraternal orders in the creation of self-organized mutual aid networks around important social needs is something in need of extremely pressing revival.

For something like this that is both recent and ongoing, you may wish to take a gander at Solar Cross, started by T Thorn Coyle, which is along these lines and may be of interest.

De Umbris Idearum

De Umbris Idearum: On the Shadows of Ideas & The Art of Memory by Giordano Bruno, translated and introduced by Scott Gosnell, is a recent release which may be of interest.

Giordano Bruno Scott Gosnell De Umbris Idearum

“To memorize anything, distribute vivid, emotionally stirring imagined images around a piece of familiar architecture. This is the method of loci, or memory palace method, first developed in classical antiquity.

Giordano Bruno perfected the art in the late 16th Century. He published a series of books on the subject, beginning with De Umbris Idearum (On the Shadows of Ideas). His work and life would lead him across the major centers of Renaissance Europe, to the patronage of kings and nobles, the scorn and envy of academics, and ultimately to his imprisonment and execution at the hands of the Roman Inquisition in 1600.

Bruno’s works have been reprinted periodically since his death. The current edition is the first complete English translation to be published.”