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Simon Magus

Hermetic Library fellow T Polyphilus reviews Simon Magus: His Philosophy and Teachings by G R S Mead, introduced by Paul Tice.

G R S Mead Simon Magus

Mead was easily one of the sanest and most erudite of the first-generation Theosophists, and his summary and discussion of Simonian Gnosticism is as useful as anything one might expect from that vein. He catalogs the antique sources, summarizing fully and quoting at length, and provides a sober evaluation of their relative merits. His final section, on “The Theosophy of Simon,” is an exercise in fairly freewheeling comparitivism with a mystical bias. I enjoyed it.

The Paul Tice foreword to the Book Tree edition is laughably bad, and makes one wonder if Tice even bothered to read the book that he introduces. [via]