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Magical Stories – The Exú

You might want to check out “MAGICKAL STORIES – THE EXÚ” over at VICE, an interview by Liz Armstrong with Brian Butler that has some text and pretty pictures, and discussion about Afro-Brazilian traditions in Brazil, difficulties with terminology, and more.

“Over a weird first hangout where we sat and drank tea from chairs so deep and low to the ground we felt like children at the grownups’ table, Brian Butler and I decided to begin a collaboration where I’d come over and dig through his personal archives of obscure occult objects and texts and ask him a bunch of questions. Brian’s an artist, writer, and musician whose Crowley-style occult studies are related to his work, which is obvious from his short films Night of Pan and The Dove and the Serpent. He is also known for his collaborations with Kenneth Anger. Brian has access to all kinds of magickal stuff requiring clearance that comes through ritual. And he’s found items you can acquire only when you go searching in weird pockets of the world way off the cultural grid.”

“VICE: Who do we have here?
Brian Butler: His name is Belzebu and he’s the South American version of Baphomet. He’s what’s called an exú, or a demon, in the system called Quimbanda.”

“We were talking about magick and the occult and to simplify, people don’t understand what I’m talking about unless I say ‘demon’ or ‘devil’ or ‘Satan’ or something. If you say ‘occultism’ in general, most people don’t—well, maybe gradually it’s changing, but in general people don’t have anything but the devil to latch onto or have a reference for. Kabbalah or Western magick, people don’t know what that means.

So you just say ‘devil.’
Yeah, I mean look at him. You look at him and say, ‘Oh, that’s the devil.'”