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Living in the Sunlight

Hermetic Library Fellow T Polyphilus reviews Living in the Sunlight: Making a Forgotten Meditation an Atomic Habit [Amazon, Bookshop, Publisher] by Steve King.

King Living in the Sunlight

This recent short instructional text from Australian OTO Grand Master Steve King concerns a specific practice documented in the writings of Aleister Crowley and Charles Stansfeld Jones, and attributed by them to the ingenium of Jeanne Foster (m.k.a. Hilarion). Br. King demonstrates a responsible and constructive approach to the study of century-old occult texts, as well as setting forth the technique in question.

The material has never been under any seal of secrecy in OTO, and it is practicable by non-members and even non-Thelemites. At the same time, it is relevant to the Order’s mysteries and especially pertinent for initiates of the Minerval and Magus of Light degrees.

The exposition here is quite vernacular, and it avoids occult jargon and magick technicalities. Experienced magicians should pick up on various quiet cues to how their knowledge will be useful in any effort to “personalize and develop” (42) the method given in this helpful book.