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Conjuration of Oysters from the diaries of Aleister Crowley and published in Liber DCCCLX, John St. John by Aleister Crowley, which book appears as a Special Supplement to The Equinox, Vol I No I.

“O oysters! be ye unto me strength that I formulate the 12 rays of the Crown of HVA! I conjure ye, and very potently command. Even by Him who ruleth Life from the Throne of Tahuti unto the Abyss of Amennti, even by Ptah the swathed one, that unwrappeth the mortal from the immortal, even by Amoun the giver of Life, and by Khem the mighty, whose Phallus is like the Pillar in Karnak! Even by myself and my male power do I conjure ye. Amen.” [via]

God’s Phallus

Hermetic Library fellow T Polyphilus reviews God’s Phallus: And Other Problems for Men and Monotheism by Howard Eilberg-Schwartz [also] from Beacon Press:

Howard Eilber-Schwartz's God's Phallus from Beacon Press


This thoughtful and provocative book, like the equally-rewarding Moses the Egyptian of Jan Assman, owes a great amount to reflection on Freud’s final work: Moses and Monotheism. Eilberg-Schwartz considers the ways in which divine maleness creates dilemmas for human masculinity, in the context of hetero-normative monotheism. He discusses the peculiarities of ancient Hebrew theophanies, as well as the aniconic dimensions of the tradition. He musters a persuasive case that it was the maleness of God that was problematic for Hebrews at the time of the composition of the Torah, rather than mere corporeality or even anthropomorphism.

Eilberg-Schwartz proposes that the “solutions” to the dilemma shifted with the development of Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism, but the underlying difficulties are still present in all these phases of the Abrahamic tradition. His call for a “polymorphously perverse” theology to loose the inherited bonds of the masculine amounts to a proposed erasure of what Assman calls the “Mosaic distinction” that provides for the existence of aniconic monotheism in the first place. In the traditions of Western religion, such a move is truly iconoclastic. [via]



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In Nomine Babalon, CXXXIV


You come upon me while th’ evening moon wanes,

Your burning lust pumps through each of my veins!

My swelling phallus in full erection,

I raise up the cup and adore Babalon!

In Nomine Babalon: 156 Adorations to the Scarlet Goddess


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