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Costume of Ancient Egypt

Costume of Ancient Egypt by Philip Watson and Jack Cassin-Scott, from Chelsea House, is part of the collection at the Reading Room … another volume I acquired because I was on a search safari for particular information at the time.

Philip Watson Costume of Ancient Egypt from Chelsea House

“The costume of the peoples of Ancient Egypt is of interest and importance not only for its place in costume history but also in our understanding of the ancient civilizations.

The author, an Egyptologist, gives an outline of Ancient Egyptian costume from the earliest times to the end of the New Kingdom.

Two introductory chapters provide the reader with the essential background information regarding the geography, climate, and history of Egypt, and the sources of evidence as well as examining the materials and technology available to these peoples.

Subsequent chapters deal with the dress of specific groups such as the nobles, priests and gods, women, workmen, soldiers, and foreigners as well as the kingly vesture.

Each chapter is arranged chronologically and divided into sections dealing with the Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, and New Kingdom respectively. Where necessary, brief introductory notes are given in order to help the reader to place particular costumes into their historical framework.

The easy-to-read text is copiously illustrated with line drawings exemplifying the costumes described, all taken directly from ancient sources.

Here, then, is an ideal reference for students of the history of costume and fashion, for project work, and those involved in drama and theatre.” — back cover