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Stele of Revealing replica of the miniatures commissioned by Aleister Crowley

I’ve mentioned before Moroton which is a project to raise money to support the development of Ordo Templi Orientis in Poland, and wanted to mention both that Moroton has awarded a signed Ozzy Osborne CD already to a supporter, and that, upcoming, another item being raffled to one lucky supporter, with a minimum donation of £10 by Sep 22, is “a small replica of Stele of Revealing which was commissioned by Aleister Crowley so that it could be included on the display of bookshops that were selling his Equinox of the Gods.” So, you might be interested in supporting this effort and having a chance to pick up a reward for your support.

Update 24aug2012 @ 10:52a:

I talked to Moroton about this and have gotten clarification on the provenance of the item on offer as a supporter reward, and wanted to make sure I posted an update. Still a cool item, but I’ve changed the post title to better reflect the facts, and this:

“It is actually a replica of a replica done by Company of Heaven (Gary Dickinson). [We] only realised the description was ambiguous once the email was sent, apologies for that. Today in the News item on the page and on FB I will clarify the matter.”