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September 1930, Lisbon: Aleister Crowley’s lost diary of his Portuguese trip

September 1930, Lisbon: Aleister Crowley’s lost diary of his Portuguese trip” (Note: the link goes to a PDF) by Marco Pasi is an article in Number 1, Spring 2012 of Pesso Plural, a publication of research about Fernando Pessoa published by Brown University, Utrecht University and Universidad de los Andes. In addition to the article itself, there’s also a series of images of the diary typescript itself you will probably find interesting.

“Aleister Crowley’s diary for the period of his travel to Portugal and his meeting with Fernando Pessoa has long been considered lost or inaccessible. However, a copy has been finally found and is here presented and published for the first time. The analysis of the diary allows us to have a fuller knowledge of Crowley’s movements and activities while in Portugal and especially of his meetings with Fernando Pessoa. It also clarifies some aspects of the famous Boca do Inferno suicide stunt in which Pessoa was directly involved and brings some new clues concerning a possible initiation of Pessoa in one of Crowley’s magical orders.”

“O diário de Aleister Crowley referente ao período da sua viagem a Portugal e ao seu encontro com Fernando Pessoa considerava-se, há muito tempo, perdido ou inacessível. Porém, uma cópia do mesmo foi finalmente localizada e é aqui apresentada e publicada pela primeira vez. A análise do diário permite-nos ter um conhecimento mais completo dos movimentos e das actividades de Crowley aquando da sua estadia em Portugal e, nomeadamente, do seu encontro com Fernando Pessoa. Também esclarece certos aspectos da famosa encenação do suicídio de Crowley na Boca do Inferno, encenação na qual Pessoa esteve directamente envolvido, e fornece algumas novas pistas relativas a possível iniciação de Pessoa numa das ordens mágicas de Crowley.” [via]

St Francis Church in Porto Portugal


“This is a photo of a pentagram which appears in the architectural details of St. Francis church in Porto, Portugal submitted by Violeta Fc”


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