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Portmeirion Totem

Back in the early 60s, Portmeirion, a pottery firm in the UK, produced it’s iconic Totem design, created by the founder Susan Williams-Ellis, which looks to me striking. With glyph and sigil like shapes, these seem they should be used for herbs and potions and tea and cakes after ritual. Portmeirion is apparently in Stoke-on-Trent where I, myself, had family who worked in some aspect of china manufacturing, though my people were at other firms before this firm was founded. Anyhow, I’ve been enamelled enamoured with this design recently.

Portmeirion Totem spice jars from Freckles-n-Frills

“With layered glazes of various hues, Totem brought Portmeirion well and truly to the forefront of fashionable design in this memorable era of evolving and revolutionary British design style. Its bold, abstract pattern of embossed spirals and stars, coupled with striking cylindrical drum-like shapes of the coffee pots, cups and saucers, cream jugs and sugar bowls, resulted in a unique collection that was beautiful, tactile and practical.” [via]

Portmeirion Totem blue spice jars from Hellfirecat

Portmeirion Totem brown tureen from Chinasearchworld

Portmeirion Totem green jar from Nixsbabydoll

Portmeirion Totem from Potshots

Portmeirion Totem coffee set from Totes Adore