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I’ll tell you one thing. All of you. As far as I’m concerned, you’re here to make the world a smarter, shinier, braver place. If you start making the world a dumb, frightened place, I will end your contract and burn you up like a fucking marshmallow, body and soul both. So watch your ass, you hear me?

Michael Poore, Up Jumps the Devil [Amazon, Bookshop, Publisher, Local Library]

Hermetic quote Poore Up Jumps the Devil youre here to make the world a smarter shinier braver place start making dumb frightened end contract burn you fucking marshmallow body soul watch your ass

In many respects, no doubt, the Law of Thelema is revolutionary. It insists on the absolute sovereignty of the individual within the limits of his proper function. And this principle will be resented by all those who like to interfere with other people’s business. The battle will rage most fiercely around the question of sex. Hardly any one is willing to allow others their freedom on this point.

Aleister Crowley, The Confessions of Aleister Crowley, Chapter 87

Hermetic quote Crowley Confessions law thelema revolutionary absolute sovereignty individual limits proper function resented interfere other peoples business battle rage fiercely sex freedom

If possible, of course, some bad luck could be produced for the victims or for their institution. Pranks, you know. But again, this is not necessary, and may even get in the way of our pure experiment in mind-fuck and image-manipulation. Let the bastards produce their own bad luck out of their inner sadness at being such evil assholes, out of their atavistic superstition (without which they wouldn’t be such media-wizards), out of their fear of otherness, out of their repressed sexuality. You can be sure they will – or at least, that they’ll remember the “curse” every time something bad happens to them.

Hakim Bey, The Occult Assault on Institutions

Hermetic quote Hakim Bey Wilson The Occult Assault on Institutions mind-fuck image-manipulation inner sadness evil assholes atavistic superstition media-wizards fear otherness repressed sexuality curse

Human nature demands (in the case of most people) the satisfaction of the religious instinct, and, to very many, this may best be done by ceremonial means. I wished therefore to construct a ritual through which people might enter into ecstasy as they have always done under the influence of appropriate ritual. In recent years, there has been an increasing failure to attain this object, because the established cults shock their intellectual convictions and outrage their common sense. Thus their minds criticize their enthusiasm; they are unable to consummate the union of their individual souls with the universal soul as a bridegroom would be to consummate his marriage if his love were constantly reminded that its assumptions were intellectually absurd.

Aleister Crowley, The Confessions of Aleister Crowley, Chapter 73

Hermetic quote Crowley Confessions human nature demands most people satisfaction religious instinct very many may best be done ceremonial means

The poor devils are too rich to work. Cruelly denied the opportunity to accumulate capital, what else is there for the benighted savages to do but create, converse, dance, sing, feast and fuck?

Bob Black, Primitive Affluence

Hermetic quote Black Primitive Affluence poor devils too rich work cruelly denied opportunity accumulate capital benighted savages create converse dance sing feast fuck

Ἑρμης mente figuratus. Manibus: sedens.

Ἑρμης per anum manibus.

(Hermes formed in the mind. Hands, sitting.

Hermes [imagined] in the anus [using] hands.)

Aleister Crowley, Rex de Arte Regia, diary entries December 22, 1914 and January 14, 1915

Hermetic quote Crowley diaries Rex de Arte Regia King Royal Art 1914 1915 hermes mente figuratus mandibus sedens per anum formed in the mind hands sitting in the anus