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Technology Shabbat

Technology Shabbat” is a video by Tiffany Shlain [HT Reality Sandwich].

“Tiffany Shlain, award-winning filmmaker, speaker, and founder of The Webby Awards, shares how living in today’s over-connected world has led her family to unplug for one full day every week. They call them their ‘Technology Shabbats,’ they’ve done it every week for over three years, and it’s completely changed their lives.”

Personally, I’ve advocated for what I’ve called “power down days” where one avoids as much technology and electronics as possible, not just or primarily focused on the idea of going offline, from one sunrise to at least the next sunrise, including becoming more in tune with natural light ameliorated only by candles if necessary. Unfortunately, I tend to most fully implement this on occasions when the power actually goes out during storms than regularly, but every time I realize again how useful and wonderful it would be as a consistent personal practice or as a regular magical retirement and retreat.

This practice would, of course, entitle you to add at least “Dr+” to your Magic Code.