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Haiti was the only place in the world with a widespread belief in zombies. And what the dead need when they return to the world of the living is sea water. In all mythology there is some kernel of truth, otherwise it would not survive. So therefore…

John Ajvide Lindqvist, Handling the Undead [Amazon, Bookshop, Publisher, Local Library]

Hermetic quote Lindqvist Handling the Undead haiti only place world widespread belief zombies dead need when return living sea water all mythology kernel truth otherwise survive therefore

This beautiful boy would be bound to return her love. Cosmos and creation would not make sense otherwise. Of course, you and I know that Cosmos and creation make no sense at all and never have. Poor Echo was about to discover the truth of this.

Stephen Fry, Mythos [Amazon, Bookshop, Publisher, Local Library]

Hermetic quote Fry Mythos beautiful boy bound return love cosmos creation make no sense at all never have poor discover truth

Etched on his cuirass was a stylized scroll, symbol of the Living Library, surmounted by the phrase Auvidestes, Gerani, Molokare. The words were Alaurin, the ancient language of formal scholarship, and they formed the motto of the Librarians: RETRIEVE. RETURN. SURVIVE.

Scott Lynch, In the Stacks [Amazon]

Hermetic quote Lynch In the Stacks symbol living library motto retrieve

Any return to The Way of Men is probably going to happen in hollow states through extra-legal means.

Jack Donovan, The Way of Men

Hermetic quote Donovan Men hollow states

Concerning Death by Aleister Crowley in International, Dec 1917.

“Then follow in thy mind the wondrous word of the Stélé of Revealing itself. Return if thou wilt from the abode of the stars; dwell with mortality, and feast thereon. For thou art this day made Lord of Heaven and of Earth.” [via]

The Nameless Quest in The Gate of the Sanctuary from The Temple of the Holy Ghost (Collected Works, Vol I) by Aleister Crowley.

“Loved, and no sin done! Ay, the world shall see
The quest is first—a love less terrible.
Yet, as I ride toward the edge of snow
That cuts the blue, I think. For even so
Comes reason to me: ‘Oh, return, return!
What folly is it for two souls to burn
With hell’s own fire! What is this quest of woe?
What is the end? Consider and discern!’
Banish the thought! My working reason still
Is the rebellious vassal to my will,
Because I will it. That is God’s own mind.
I cast all thought and prudence to the wind:
On, to the quest! The cursed parrot hill
Mocks on, on, on! The thought is left behind.” [via]