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(Radio Free Clear Light)

The scientists known to millions as RFCL have introduced a series of fractal equations that lead to cognitive chaos. Through experimentation with sex, drugs, and other mind wave manipulators, they have developed a method to control the chaos through a bizarre device known as ITFC.

The casual user may traverse magnetic temporality through a crystalline lattice of hypnagogic chanting and electronic sound.

Magicians and other visionaries who are aware of the device may succeed in remembering all they have not been or done. In clinical studies such practitioners refer to themselves as both the agents and the experiencers of phenomena. They claim that they have traveled to the dimension next door to ours, where the primordial sphere stirs in death’s dream.

The device enables the first opening of The Gate; enabling mind displacement, personality reconstruction, reality manipulation, and unencumbered travel between spheres. RFCL recommends use of the device as a means for permeating the universe and hyper-dimensions with benign intelligence.

Radio Free Clear Light is a collective of artists devoted to experimental, electro-acoustic improvisation music as a collaborative mystical practice. Our approach draws its inspiration from Thelemic and Discordian thought, and other schools of esoteric wisdom. We use digital and analog electronics, found sound sources, vocals and a variable set of traditional musical instruments in an improvisational process that yields results as eerie as they are sublime. Stylistically speaking, our output contains elements of dark ambient, industrial, dub, IDM, minimalism, noise, shamanic and psychedelic musics, drones and free jazz.

Central to our philosophy is that all people are musicians, whether or not they believe themselves to be. It is our intent to create spaces of musical freedom where all people are participants, actively creating the unique and changing soundscape with their presence and sustained attention. In this way, the music created is always site-specific, altered each moment by the environment and musical contributions of the those in attendance.

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Ovum Gnosis

Ovum Gnosis” is a track added by rfcl in the Hermetic Library audio pool.

A fragment from JN Session – January 15 2015


Max Abelev – laptop
Colin Hamilton – viola, violin, vocals
Keith Yates – Kaos pad, keyboard, clarinet, zylophone
Tyler Hiebeck – pluribus node controller, vocals, noisemakers
Otto Gnomik – Buchla Music Easel
Etanna Zak – Kaos pad, keyboard, vocals
Lydia Harari – Kaos pad, keyboard, pluribus node controller, vocals
Juan Carlos Mendizabal aka Kyron – piano, electronics, mixing, deconstructing


As millions of people now know
although it has been barely reported
the twins were raised in Texas,
among a UFO worshipping cult founded by their father.
They set up their first laboratory inside a ramshackle trailer.
They were used to life on the outskirts of the mainstream.

Progress occurred even quicker than the twins could have predicted.
They began making discoveries.
They hooked subjects up to computers and charted their brain waves.
They introduced a series of fractal equations that led to cognitive chaos.
By experimenting with sex, drugs, and other mind wave manipulators,
the twins learned how to control the chaos
through a bizarre device that came to be known as “The Egg.”

The development of ovular technology led to a sudden increase of access points
where the spheres met between our ordered reality and the primal chaos.
The twins believed that they possessed the spells
to bind and chain the ovular forces without danger.
“The names and attendant symbolism are not that important,” says X.
“they are but facets of the same process.”
But it must be noted, the names of the ovums form the fabric of our reality.

When The Egg was first activated, twin X and the device itself disappeared.
Moments later they rematerialized.
The scene was less than a mile away
in the parking lot of the local Best Buy.
X. called his brother Y. and said:
“Come and get me. I’m at Best Buy.”
The boy claimed that he had traveled to the dimension next door to ours
where the primordial ovums stir in death’s dream.
This was the first opening of The Gate.

We ask Y. if his father knows
that the gateways have been opened.
“We don’t want him to,” says Y.
“We don’t want him to know they exist.
He is still searching for aliens and UFOs.
There’s no point in disturbing him.”

Evocation of ovumic energies into one’s own space-time lattice is a dangerous enterprise.
The evolution of all entities within the biosphere has now been affected.
The Gates are leaking ovular material into the atmosphere.
Ovum Gnosis is the name we have given to this unpredictable evolution.
Magicians and other visionaries
who are aware of Ovum Gnosis and its effects
are now actively working to transport themselves and all of their possessions
into an alternate dimension.

Instead of fleeing outward, they will flee inter-dimensionally.
In this dimension they seek humankind does not exist.
As millions of people now know
Ovum Gnosis is now irreversible.

The Surface of Reality

The Surface of Reality Remix 2014″ is a track added by rfcl in the Hermetic Library audio pool.

I have conducted over forty plus years of research
not only on the house itself
but on all its surroundings.
I have studied the thousands of abrasions
and microscopic scratches.
Nobody understands the place or the events
better than I do.

And yet I still can’t answer a simple question:
Where is the surface?
Where does it start?
Where does it end?
How can I locate its source?

I was present when the family members came
to look through the many mementos,
the old photos
the Smith Corona typewriter.
I was present when the scientists came,
when they thoroughly analyzed and studied the house
and gave their quick pronouncements.

Before It happened
those who came to see him
would often find the place wide open.
Music was inevitably playing
and the walls were stained with cigarette smoke.
At every turn there were bookshelves,
filled with more than 1,000 books.
And all the surfaces were caked with dust.

“You ought to paint this place up,” some would say.
“This place is fine,” he would respond.
“It took me a long time to get it like this.”
Two very different viewpoints can exist within the same space.
The sub microscopic tracings of surface marks,
they were all invisible to the naked eye.
Friends and neighbors couldn’t help but ignore them.
It took me a while to notice them
and trace them one by one.

I confirmed it personally
after the sudden disappearance.
The two giant crystals
that held the house in an eternal embrace
were indeed carved against the grain.
I confirmed it.
They were indeed crystals
and they had been carved in a way I couldn’t understand.
That was my only conclusion.
Anything else would involve fantasizing.
And I wanted to stay as close to the surface as possible,
as impossible as it was to locate.
The surface was the ultimate mystery,
the one I would never solve.

Our Dream Was Contained In Numbers

Our Dream Was Contained In Numbers” is a track added by rfcl in the Hermetic Library audio pool.

We multiplied.
Turning singles into pairs.

We made the stars and allowed the light to arrive here.
There are several ways for us to pass through point B without passing through point A.
We made the atmosphere transparent so the light could shine.
Our present conscious experience was a direct result of this constructed physical reality.

Our dream was contained in numbers
in water and folding chairs.
The raw numerical information exists outside the structure,
perhaps indefinitely, as a pilot.

An experience occurs when the numerical information leaves the structure and dissipates.
At this point we no longer measure time, only distance.
This numerical logic is infinitely greater than limited linear logic
Upon death, the information is released from the structure.
It may have existed since the beginning of time.

We multiplied.
Turning singles into pairs.
Then pairs into units that filled up great spaces and swimming pools
represented by holes and extensive gaps.
The resting sites of the cosmic numerical propagation.

The universe has a lot of these dark recesses.
The holes and gaps are a direct result of attacks on us by neighboring universes.
It is completely possible that there are forces out there that we do not know of.

There is an abundance of places or other universes
where our pilot could migrate to after death.
Our pilots are in fact constructed from the very fabric of the universe
time, distance, numbers,
water and folding chairs.

We multiplied.
Turning singles into pairs.
We may have existed since the beginning of time.