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The Amanda Palmer Tarot

The Amanda Palmer Tarot is an already fully funded crowdsourcing effort for a “fan-created tarot deck inspired by Amanda Palmer, chanteuse, force of nature, and artiste extraordinaire.”

The Amanda Palmer Tarot crowdsourcing example cards

“Once upon a time in a fan forum, an Amanda Palmer-inspired tarot card appeared. Soon, one card led to another and the deck began to grow. With the help of 78 talented artists and the blessing of Amanda, herself, the deck is finally completed and it is ready for layout and printing!

Each card is created by a different artist; a unique interpretation of the Rider-Waite tarot as seen through the lens of all things Amanda Palmer. This deck is a truly unique and beautiful collection of art from an impressive array of talented creatives and fans! The artists include photographers and illustrators, painters and sculptors working in a dizzying variety of media and techniques.

It is its own tiny, portable art show in a box!” [via]