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Ghost story with an Aleister Crowley cameo

Here’s a newly posted (almost) midnight (pacific time) ghost story at Who Put Bella In The Wych Elm? by Rik Rawling, with an Aleister Crowley cameo.

“The tale gets stranger still when (inevitably) Aleister Crowley enters the narrative. By the time World War Two ignited, The Great Beast is in the twilight of his extraordinary life, but still keen to do his bit for, if not Queen, at least then for Country. His initial offers of assistance were politely dismissed by the War Office, but as the military leaders began to learn more of the Nazi hierarchy’s obsession with matters esoteric, they came to suspect that perhaps Crowley might be some use after all. Having gained a substantial propaganda victory by luring Hess to Britain, they now had to glean what information they could from him. Crowley was expected to act as an intermediary, his magickal talents providing a draw to the supernaturally-inclined Nazi. At the last minute though, the War Office became uncomfortable at the idea of what a man like Crowley might learn and use for his own nefarious purposes, and politely refused the meeting to happen. Exit Aleister Crowley…”