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Bless us, O Morning Star, and these thy gifts which we are about to receive from thy bounty. To the ruler of demons, our Lord. Amen.

Daria Polatin, The Devil in Ohio, s01e01, “Broken Fall”

Hermetic quote Polatin The Devil in Ohio s01e01 Broken Fall bless us morning star thy gifts we receive bounty ruler demons our lord amen

Egyptian Magic in Egyptian Magic by Florence Farr.

“Iamblichus also tells us that the daimon or elemental ruler is received at the hour of birth. It is a personification of the Symbol imprinted on the SAHU or Elemental body; and its action may be defined as that of Fate or Destiny.” [via]

Egyptian Magic in Egyptian Magic by Florence Farr.

“Here we have a representation of a fully initiated ruler. Her Divine Powers are represented on her head-dress by the feathers of the Celestial and Terrestrial Truth; the orb of the Sun; the two Goddesses ruling the commencement and the fruition, represented by the horned and orbed uræii, symbols of beauty, life, and fierce protective motherhood; the ram’s horns of all-penetrating potency; the nemeses with the fiery serpent of prophecy and protection upright before her face.” [via]