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In Nomine Babalon, I


To the Lady of Life do I sing this praise

Of worship and love to the end of my days!

Let all open ears hear my acclamation,

I raise up the cup and adore Babalon!

In Nomine Babalon: 156 Adorations to the Scarlet Goddess


The Hermetic Library arts and letters pool is a project to publish poetry, prose and art that is inspired by or manifests the Western Esoteric Tradition.

Help kickstart In Nomine Babalon: 156 Adorations to the Scarlet Goddess

You may be interested in helping to fund a new work of poetic adorations, developed during a personal working by the author, called In Nomine Babalon: 156 Adorations to the Scarlet Goddess by Frater Peredur.

“This project seeks to fund the limited publication of a small book of poetic adorations dedicated to Our Lady of Abominations, BABALON. The book, which has already been written, is the result of a magickal working in which the Scarlet Goddess was invoked. It was Her wish to be adored in songs of love.

This publication will be strictly limited to a single run of only 156 copies and will never be reprinted. Each copy will be hand numbered and signed with the sigil of the author. The booklets will be approximately 88 pages in length and, once published, will retail for $7.00 apiece.

It is the goal of this Kickstarter program to obtain pledges for between 40 and 100 copies of the book. A pledge of only $5.00 will reserve a copy of the book for you at a discounted price. Due to the limited number of copies being printed and the Goddess’ wish to be shared as widely as possible, there will be a limit of 3 copies per donor. The money raised will only be used to offset the cost of printing, as the author does not seek to profit in any way from this publication. The book will be released on August 22, 2011.”