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Head of a Pin


Head of a Pin

“The Head Of A Pin” was an attempt to re-create a magickal working, and became a sound-collage ritual all its own, in the making. It’s part of an on-going series (first started here at the occult anthology with “Strange Angels”, under a different name) of rituals, that have spanned recordings, live performances, and private investigation. It’s a refining fire; the bones peek through the skin. It’s getting thin…

Dessicant uses analog and electronic devices to conduct sonic rituals, a portable portal into strange, grey realms with twitching blurred outlines. Its like peering into a dirty fishbowl, with a human head in it. Inspired by anyone who has ever aspired to blend magick and art.

“Come Away: but not yr noises” — dessicant, 2013

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Magick, Music and Ritual 6, the Winter 2013 anthology album from the Hermetic Library
Hermetic Library Anthology Project – Magick Music and Ritual 6



The Reaper in The Gate of the Sanctuary from The Temple of the Holy Ghost (Collected Works, Vol I) by Aleister Crowley.

“IN middle music of Apollo’s corn
She stood, the reaper, challenging a kiss;
The lips of her were fresher than the morn,
The perfume of her skin was ambergris;
The sun had kissed her body into brown;
Ripe breasts thrown forward to the summer breeze;
Warm tints of red lead fancy to the crown,
Her coils of chestnut, in abundant ease,
That bound the stately head. What joy of youth
Lifted her nostril to respire the wind?
What pride of being? What triumphal truth
Acclaimed her queen to her imperial mind?” [via]

another from ‘Symbiosis’

another from "Symbiosis"
another from "Symbiosis", originally uploaded by rikgarrett.


The Hermetic Library visual pool is a visual scavenger hunt for images of a living Western Esoteric Tradition.

Images of your ritual or ritual space, images of sigils or tools, showing off your own library or special volume from the restricted stacks, sacred spaces and places, esoteric artefacts and installations, inspired paintings and people – these and much more are part of the culture and practice of magick.