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Visionary” is a track added by Solfeggio Tones in the Hermetic Library audio pool.

Electronic Tuning Fork album Visionary is practice music rather than experimental music. 9 Solfeggio frequencies were recorded for 5 minutes each and the ranges of vibration are changing over time.There are several theories about 936Hz, Solfeggio Tones had adopted 936Hz lower than the original 963Hz.


174Hz 進化の基礎 Basis of Evolution
285Hz 意識の拡大 Expansion of Consciousness
396Hz 恐怖の解放 Release of Fear
417Hz 変容の促進 Promotion of Transformation
528Hz 細胞の修復 Repair of DNA
639Hz 人間関係の向上 Improvement of Human Relations
741Hz 問題の解決 Resolution of Problems
852Hz 直感力の覚醒 Awakening of Intuition
936Hz 宇宙意識へ To Cosmic Consciousness