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Last few hours to get all the Magick, Music and Ritual love in one big package

When I announced the availability of the second issue from the Anthology Project, Magick, Music and Ritual 2, I mentioned a special limited-time offer which will be ending in a few hours. So, I thought I’d post a reminder, just in case anyone wanted to avoid missing out:


A Threesome for Valentine’s Day

For anyone that orders the physical CD of the first anthology album before Valentine’s Day, I will include the digital downloads of both releases. So, if you pick up the CD of Magick, Music and Ritual 1 you will receive two digital downloads, both Magick, Music and Ritual 1 as well as the brand new Magick, Music and Ritual 2!

So, if you make your move now, you can get the quite gorgeous physical CD of the first issue along with all the digital love together in one big package! And, since the digital downloads are retrieved via two unique codes, you can actually give these codes away as gifts to share the love far and wide! That’s a potential for three gifts with one purchase, and that’s got to be illegal in some states still, right? (Um … *ahem* Yeah. Sorry. Couldn’t be helped. Had to be done.)


Hermetic Library Anthology Album – Magick, Music and Ritual 1

CD insert

CD disc

CD tray card





The Hermetic Library at Hermetic.com has an overall vision of Archiving, Engaging and Encouraging the living Western Esoteric Tradition. I started the benefit anthology project to help promote newer works in the Western Esoteric Tradition to the audience of the Hermetic Library and beyond. The anthology project also further raises awareness about the corpus and culture of magick and ritual.

I encourage you to check out the Hermetic Library at Hermetic.com, if you aren’t already familiar with it, as that’s the reason this project exists and may also offer inspiration to you. The site was started in 1996 and has ever since consistently been an extremely popular resource for students and researchers interested in the Western Esoteric Tradition. You may also wish to check out other posts at the Hermetic Library blog and the Twitter and Facebook reflections to see how the library engages people in a living Western Esoteric Tradition.

Please join the Hermetic Library in promoting these artists who have contributed their work to this benefit anthology album project. All proceeds from album sales will support the library to help cover hosting costs and other expenses like materials acquisitions.

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