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The Heraldic Lenormand Cartomancy Deck

The Heraldic Lenormand Cartomancy Deck from Spiritus Arcanum is on pre-order, and may be of interest.

Heraldic Lenormand Cartomancy Deck from Spiritus Arcanum

“Spiritus Arcanum is pleased to announce the forthcoming release of The Heraldic Lenormand.

This deck is presented in the Lenormand style with each of the traditional cards brought to life by evocative etchings of antiqued heraldic crests. The cards are professionally printed upon high quality linen textured cardstock to allow for years of use.

Additionally, each deck comes with a unique signifier card entitled ‘The Blessing’, as well as extra unnumbered Man and Woman signifier cards which may be utilized to achieve more accurate readings. The deck will arrive with a decorative box and a pamphlet giving a basic overview of the cards, their history, their meaning, and methods for their use in divination.

After some time preparing the deck we are thrilled to share a glimpse at the newly arrived prototype deck. And offer the deck for preorder.

This listing is to preorder the deck. Production and shipping is scheduled to begin in October. Decks will ship in the order in which they were ordered as soon as they arrive from the printer. We anticipate that all preordered decks should be shipped by mid November at latest. This deck will be printed in a limited run so we highly recommend ordering early in order to reserve yours!” [via]

Custom Fetish Doll

Spiritus Arcanum offers custom fetish dolls.

Spiritus Arcanum's custom fetish doll 1

“This listing is for one custom crafted fetish doll which will be created with your purposes and specifications in mind.

The fetishes I create are crafted from natural clay and may be embedded with herbs, ash, stones, or any other sacred items which may be appropriate to the nature of the fetish. They are then painted and decorated in a manner which suits their nature.

My Fetish Dolls take many forms and may serve many purposes such as:

– Spirit Vessels for Housing Familiar Spirits and Constructs
– Totemic Animal or Botanical Representations
– Ancestral Representation and Veneration
– Iconic Depictions of Deities and Spirits
– Protection
– Money Drawing
– Love drawing
– And more

With your purchase you will receive a handcrafted mindfully created fetish doll roughly between 6-8 inches in size. I will contact you to discuss the purpose of your fetish as well as the particulars of what you’d like to have crafted. In many cases I will offer materials, written or otherwise, for a ritual of enlivening the fetish. Some pieces will come with a customized wooden casket for housing the fetish, others are designed to be hung.” [via]

Spiritus Arcanum's custom fetish doll 2

Spiritus Arcanum's custom fetish doll 3

Spiritus Arcanum's custom fetish doll 4

Spiritus Arcanum's custom fetish doll 5