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Magicians Dream

Magicians Dream, By PsyScottic from VJ PsyScottic (Geomagnetic Rec) on Vimeo.


“I created this while playing with concepts in sacred geometry. It is a hexagram or the star of David which manifests itself in the center very subtly appearing out of the chaotic mesh of moving geometry. Then the same shape starts to manifest itself in the larger picture so to speak so that micro and macro, Alpha and Omega, the form within the form becomes manifest. If you pay attention you can see the star moving into configurations which resemble the Sri Yantra from the Hindu Tantric traditions consisting of nine interlocking triangles that surround and radiate out from a central point. In a similar way and in a very similar play the Star of David is danceing here within the Metatron cube of which all forms in sacred geometry are contained and can be derived. I like it.” [via]


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