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Hermetic Hosting as easy as 1, 2, 3 … Infinity!

On Monday, I posted a re-introduction to Hermetic Hosting. Yesterday, I talked specifically about some projected service plans. Today, I’m going to post about an idea to help really get Hermetic Hosting up and running both strong and quickly by offering some really sweet and special discounts for early adopters.


In order to accelerate the startup of a new Hermetic Hosting, I am going to offer some pretty amazing special account discounts. For a limited time only, special startup packages will be available on all the standard services. This promotion will not last forever, and I won’t tell you when it’s scheduled to end. So, if you want to take advantage of this offer, and help me get past the startup phase quicker; make a commitment to one of these specials now!

  1. Sign up and pay for a full year in advance, and get 10% off that service. Continue your account, and you can keep the 10% off for the life of that service .
  2. Sign up and pay for 2 full year in advance, and get 10% off and a 3rd year of that service will be credited to the account. Continue your account, and you can keep the 10% off for the life of that service.
  3. Sign up for 3 full years in advance, and get 10% off and you will receive a lifetime of that service thereafter! As long as Hermetic Hosting is in business, we’ll have a hosting service up and running for you!

These specials only apply to the specific service being subscribed to an account, and cannot be applied to other or subsequent services, unless they also qualify independently. Startup specials can only be cancelled in the first 30 days for a refund of the unused portion of the service, after which the account fee is non-refundable. Additional charges for excess bandwidth, storage or features are not included; only the service itself as described and the included features at the time of subscription.


Since the point of this promotion is to bring the service as quickly as possible through startup, the secret deadline for these specials is secret, but definitely won’t last forever!

  Non-profit Starter Standard Power
monthly $3.95 $7.95 $15.95 $24.95
1 year $42.66 $85.86 $172.26 $269.46
2 year $85.32 $171.72 $344.52 $538.92
3 to infinity $127.98 $257.58 $516.78 $808.38

Those are some great incentives to join early, to make a commitment to support both the Hermetic Library and Hermetic Hosting all while getting professional-grade hosting!


So, now you’ve read the previous introduction, heard about hosting plans and services, and now you know about some super, but limited time, discounts Hermetic Hosting will offer.

Whether you want to be part of the initial 10-20 founding early adopters who will commit to being part of Phase Zero, or you wait until the service is completely up and running and join during Phase One; you should consider Hermetic Hosting as a partner in your project. I’d sure like to be of service, and hope you’ll be part of the project.

There will be more to say over time, but I wanted to start getting the word out. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments or concerns; or, you know, if you want to join in Project Resurrection!