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Kiss the Cobra

Kiss the Cobra from Marc Neys (aka Swoon) on Vimeo.


Kiss the Cobra is a video by Marc Neys / Swoon.


“the probing tongue of human DNA
scriptures the world’s great suffering
while a single human kiss conjoined brings to earth
all the torments of life;
your teeth devouring my flower’s petals
your lips sucking starlight from my cunt
gnawing at my nipples,
gnawing my heart”


“Screened and premiered at ‘100 Thousand Poets for Change’ (27-29/9/2013, Denver)
Film by Swoon
Poem by Michael Annis
Translation by Gabriela Perez and Michael Annis
Vocal performance by Sitara Monica Perez
Music by Sonologyst”


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A Jealous Lover in White Stains by Aleister Crowley.

“Pale specters of the stars, corpse-lights, bad-ghosts
Sicken the icy glamour of the moon
Upon the vacant earth; and where the sea
Marshals sepulchral billows, obscene hosts
Of harpies gibber weirdly. I should swoon
For the silence, rolled not some dread minstrelsy
In fearful anguish on the shuddering air,
Breathing out terror and lightning to the night
That widely echoes back Hell’s venomous spite,
And shrieks aloud the watchword of despair
To draw each pain racked nerve more tense and gray
For I am alone, unloved, in murk and gloom,
Unloved, unfriended, fittest for the tomb,
Who worshipped golden feet and found them clay.” [via]